Junior Mock Has A Fan Club!

It’s been a sucky day, what with missing Buckeye Bob and being reminded of him with every funny picture I see  and wondering what he would say about it and whatnot.  But just now, Junior Mock’s teacher sent me this photo, taken in class today, and said, “Some of Junior’s new friends were excited that he was at school this afternoon and made this!  Hard to see, but the blocks spell ‘Junior.'”  <–(They spell his Actual Name in real life, but you get the idea.)  🙂

This totally helped brighten an otherwise sucky day.  Junior has nice friends.

Weepy glees!

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  • SunnyAZ

    Aww, thanks, Mock! Sure needed this to boost this very sad day.

  • WakeUp

    He’s a rock star 🙂

  • Rachel

    The Peer Tutors at my old school (what we call the students who help out with kids with special needs instead of taking a study hall or elective) were always the nicest and most caring students. I’m glad Junior Mock has plenty of friends — those relationships, however short, are precious.

  • ArmyWifey

    That is so stinking sweet! It is great to see that there are still good, sweet caring kids out there. 🙂

  • HesterPrynne

    Simply awesome!

  • Tracy Anne

    He is a strong, wonderful, loving young man, surrounded by a loving family and good friends. Be proud, Mama, you done good.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I just love this. So sweet.

  • CA

    Buckeye’s passing was highly depressing, could not get him out of my mind yesterday, but this photo is a great comeback. Jr looks awesome.

  • Jennifer

    Sweetest thing ever!~

  • Mizz M

    Awesome and sweet..swawsome.

  • ER

    That is so sweet and Jr. looks positively radiant with all his friends surrounding him!

    One that I always respected about Bob was no matter how snarky or funny he could be about things, he was always sweet and respectful of you, your family and your readers. I’m gonna miss that guy so much!!!

  • Mamabear

    How sweet! Love this. Thanks for the uplifting post.

  • Gail

    Junior Mock is looking like, “Yeah, I’m the man!”