It’s A Sad Day, Mockdockers

One of the original mockdockers, one of the greatest friends I never met in person, our own sweet Buckeye Bob has passed away this morning.

It was just a few weeks ago that I wrote the Ode To BB post, and while I knew how ill he was, and that there was really no way he’d ever recover, there was still this part of me that thought he would somehow prevail over his weak lungs and overworked heart. As if his sense of humor would simply tell those failing organs to freaking BUCK UP already, because he had more beautiful women to photoshop himself into pictures with. More giggles to elicit from all of us. More life to live.

So even though it was expected, it’s still a shock, because it’s difficult to imagine an internet without Buckeye Bob. There was simply no one like him. And I will miss him so much.

BB would never want people to sit around being mopey about him being gone, though. He’s probably totally cracking up at me right now as I write this, thinking I’m a huge wuss for being so blubbery. So to honor his glorious sense of humor, and give him a proper tribute here at his internet stomping grounds, I give you…

The Best Of Buckeye Bob.

RIP, my friend. Missing you.

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  • Sparky

    RIP Buckeye Bob, your humor made the internet a better place to be. We’ll miss you and your wisecracks!

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    OMG I am crying. What a tragic loss. His humor was incomparable, and underneath it was just this incredibly sweet guy. So so sad. 🙁 🙁

  • Idlechat

    So sorry to hear of your passing, BB. You were a bright spot in my day. Travel well.

  • ms_creant

    So very sad. I saw he responded albeit briefly a few weeks ago and was hopeful. 🙁

  • ChrissyB

    Rest in peace, BB. We’ll miss you.

  • Jen

    Sad for you and wish I had met him. Sad day, indeed.

  • Robin

    Sad, indeed. Rest in peace, BB. You will be missed by so many.

  • Doctor B

    I am sure he would be leaving a completely inappropriate comment to this that would have me nearly wetting my pants. Godspeed BB, you will be missed.

  • Mrs. K

    Well, that just sucks!! Prayers & condolences to his family and friends. I think I’ll make hilariously inappropriate jokes all day in his honor.

    On the plus side, there are no droopy boobs in heaven, so I’m sure he’s enjoying that. RIB, buddy.

  • WakeUp

    Oh my 🙁 Deepest condolences to BB’s family. His presence will be missed. His humor and personality positively glowed.

  • janice

    We talk about weeps, but for the first time for real I have this lump in my throat and tears in my eyes and I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness over a man I never really knew.

    Maybe you’ll be on the same train as Neil Armstrong!

    A quick Ode to Buckeye Bob

    Buckeye Bob the master of Photoshop
    Made us laugh about boobies and all things that go plop
    and just like the one legged workers at IHOP,
    serve up all his jokes with crass flair and no flip-flop.

    Sadly this day we have lost his good humor
    and we all feel his loss finding ourselves in a stupor
    But fear not Mockdockers, for I heard a rumor
    He’s there in our hearts, our laugh lines and computer.

    Love you BB! God Speed!

  • sarah

    That was perfect, janice. All the things I was thinking but couldn’t quite put into words. I’ve been creeping this website for over a year now and I’ve gone through all the archives and BB was always there to make me laugh. When there was something extra inappropriate I couldn’t wait for his two cents. His presence will be missed. *hugs* to you, Mockarena. I’m so sorry for your loss.

  • SunnyAZ

    A very sad day indeed. I will miss his humor so much and right now i have a huge lump in my throat.

  • green eyed girl

    I was just thinking about him the other day and wondered when we would get an update. Never thought this would be it though! Mock & Daisy, I know you are heartbroken. Praying for his family and friends who have lost someone dear. RIP BB. *sniff, sniff*

  • rkwhyte2

    RIP Bob you will be missed.

  • Nancy

    I am so sad. He is in my prayers. I will definitely miss him.

  • Mamabear

    RIP Buckeye Bob. You will be missed so very, very much.

  • el pato

    I don’t think there are words that can express the sadness I have in my heart for someone I didn’t really know.
    I loved BBob and his crazy view of life.
    His photoshop skills were extraordinary and they will be missed.
    I looked forward to his comments and his links to things that we would all crack up over.
    You are indeed, greatly missed BBob.

  • el pato

    p.s, BBob, “Boobs”??

    (i always thought there was a bit of Barney Stinson in him. Or was it the other way around? Some Bob in Barney?)

  • formerly jim

    I hope his wake is filled with laughter along with the tears. I’m sure that’s what he would have wanted. Gonna miss ya Bob.

  • tphilisw

    Wow…sad. RIP, BuckeyeBob

  • Mikey

    BB will never be forgotten here. He will be missed and appreciated for as long as there is a mockdock.

  • Ellie

    So very sad. I wish it wasn’t true.

  • MarineJAG

    May I offer my deepest condolences to Buckeye Bob’s family and the members of the Mock Dock. My former wife LOVED reading the antics of Buckeye Bob and would share with me the really funny ones (which were most of them). I know she misses Buckeye Bob as much as I will miss hearing about him.

    Fair winds and following seas…

  • Rachel

    As I said over on COTR, I’m going to miss him. Many prayers going out for him and his family. Sad day.

  • ArmyWifey

    Oh, goodness. I didn’t know him personally, but I feel about ready to cry. Thank you, Bob, for all the laughs. I hope he is resting easy now with all the hot angels in heaven. God bless you, Bob.

  • CA

    Boy he was tough as nails, that’s a horrible disease, it slowly takes you down. Everyone knows about it’s ability to make inhaling oxygen difficult, but you forget that breathing has two parts,it makes exhaling difficult too, so you don’t get oxygen in and you don’t get CO2 out which builds in your system, poisoning you.

    Makes his genius sense of humor and contributions even more epic! A unique soul has come and gone. Its great this site stands as a record of his passing through.

  • Hannah955

    I’m so sorry to hear the news, I loved reading his comments on TMD over the past few months. I will have a sip of Jameson’s whiskey tonight in his memory. And tell an off-color joke to some unsuspecting stranger 🙂

  • china lady

    it’s funny how you picture someone in your mind when you have never met them. when i saw the photo-shop photos on this post, somehow, buckeye bob looks just like i would have imagined. he was so funny and quick with his quips, i always looked forward to reading his posts. RIP buckeye bob, we will really miss you

  • WakeUp


    Would it be possible to put together a “Best of Buckeye Bob” to list some of his more memorable quotes… He had some real zingers that would be great to have in one place…

  • SunnyAZ

    WakeUp, what an excellent idea! Sure hope that it is possible.

  • Mockarena

    WakeUp – it’ll take a while, but I will work on that!

  • Christi

    Rest in peace. Will be praying.

  • CA

    Just note, if you google your screen name next to mockdock or COTR, all the comments you ever made come up…if that helps putting together a best of, or just browsing on your own some of the funny stuff he’s said recently and over the years.

  • Marisa

    I will miss Buckeye Bob. He was a great guy. Today is a very sad day.

  • susie

    So sorry…I have missed him too! I look forward to a best of BB….he will not be forgotten!

  • Jennfa

    I am so sad to hear the news. I will miss his witty comments and humor. RIP BB!

  • KiwiGirl

    What very sad news… my thoughts are with his family.

  • So Cal Mom

    Oh no! I always looked forward to what he had to say and thought he’d be a blast to meet. What a wit!!! he has a new crowd to entertain. RIP BB. 🙁

  • Victor

    See ya later, BB.

  • DirectorEvil

    So sad to hear of BB’s passing.
    He will be remembered by many.
    RIP, great one.

  • Gypsy

    A very, very sad day indeed.

  • Hatchetwoman

    I am very sorry to hear this, since BB’s humor reminds me very much of the humor of one of my best friends at work. He was sensible but at the same time insanely funny, and very clever. May he rest in peace, and may his family find strength and peace. I will miss him very, very much.

  • K

    Buckeye Bob, you will be missed. Such sad news.

  • Lizzie

    Oh I’m so sad … he was a true Legend! Condolences to his family and to Mock and crew x

  • HesterPrynne

    So sad. He will be greatly missed.

  • Dani

    I’m so sad to hear this news. Buckeye Bob certainly bought a smile to my face on many occasions. My thoughts and prayers are with his family, and everyone that knew and loved him.

  • ER

    I am crushed. I knew he was sick but I had no idea just HOW ill he had become. I am heart broken over his passing. He was HILARIOUS and will be missed by all who knew him and those of us who were had the pleasure of his company on the internet! RIP BB!!!

  • Gail

    I am so sorry to find this out. My deepest condolences to Buckeye Bob’s family, as well as the Mock family. He will be greatly missed.