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Ashley Judd Still Hasn’t Found An Anti-Perspirant That Works For Her.

According to this, Ashley Judd is busying herself campaigning for Obama, and hilariously trying to gain support by whining that Romney’s campaign has more money.

She said, “We’re being outspent three to one, but we have heart.”

Awww. Poor, poor Ashley and the rest of the rich, elitist Hollywood celebrities throwing $40,000 per plate dinners for Obama. Doesn’t your heart just bleed for all of them?

I’ll spring for some deodorant for her, though. Anyone else want to chip in?

Meanest, Most Hilarious Idea Ever.

I do not have a cat, so I won’t be doing this over the long weekend.   But if I HAD a cat, I can’t deny that I’d be tempted.

What are y’all doing for the holiday weekend?  Anything fun?

Today’s Awesomely Awful Pun

Awesomely Bad Joke Of The Day

How Often Do You See This On Your Screen?

I swear, I get these popups like EVERY OTHER DAY.  We get it, Adobe.  You love updates OMG.

Mock’s Tip O’ The Day

Don’t plan any vacation trips to Mars. It looks like it’s a total rip-off.


Leroy sent this to me and I laughed SO HARD at it. This cat’s eyes are so ridiculous.

And you know what else I love? This picture of Buckeye Bob, photoshopped into a plane. I can’t stop thinking about him. 🙁

Junior Mock Has A Fan Club!

It’s been a sucky day, what with missing Buckeye Bob and being reminded of him with every funny picture I see  and wondering what he would say about it and whatnot.  But just now, Junior Mock’s teacher sent me this photo, taken in class today, and said, “Some of Junior’s new friends were excited that he was at school this afternoon and made this!  Hard to see, but the blocks spell ‘Junior.'”  <–(They spell his Actual Name in real life, but you get the idea.)  🙂

This totally helped brighten an otherwise sucky day.  Junior has nice friends.

Weepy glees!

These Dogs Are Ridiculous.

I mean, COME ON.

They’re not even DOGS so much as they are cotton balls with legs.

It’s A Sad Day, Mockdockers

One of the original mockdockers, one of the greatest friends I never met in person, our own sweet Buckeye Bob has passed away this morning.

It was just a few weeks ago that I wrote the Ode To BB post, and while I knew how ill he was, and that there was really no way he’d ever recover, there was still this part of me that thought he would somehow prevail over his weak lungs and overworked heart. As if his sense of humor would simply tell those failing organs to freaking BUCK UP already, because he had more beautiful women to photoshop himself into pictures with. More giggles to elicit from all of us. More life to live.

So even though it was expected, it’s still a shock, because it’s difficult to imagine an internet without Buckeye Bob. There was simply no one like him. And I will miss him so much.

BB would never want people to sit around being mopey about him being gone, though. He’s probably totally cracking up at me right now as I write this, thinking I’m a huge wuss for being so blubbery. So to honor his glorious sense of humor, and give him a proper tribute here at his internet stomping grounds, I give you…

The Best Of Buckeye Bob.

RIP, my friend. Missing you.

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