I know I’ve said it before, somewhere in the archives, but holy CRAP do pictures like this piss me off.

There is NO WAY this guy has any business being a cop.  This guy couldn’t outrun a snail.  And you know why he still gets to be a cop?  Unions.  I blame unions.

I also blame the fact that even though you have to pass all sorts of physical fitness tests to BECOME A COP, you don’t have to do jacksh*t to STAY a cop.  And that’s just flat wrong.

If you become a landbeast in a job that RELIES on physical fitness, then it should be a performance issue subject to progressive discipline policies.


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  • King of all Photographers

    That belly doesnt stop him from writing tickets.

  • SunnyAZ

    Mock, I am so right there with you!

  • sunnyazspawn

    First, let me say that I couldn’t agree more. Second, I need to ask, where in the world did you find a picture of my ex-husband? Only slightly kidding.

  • Hatchetwoman

    Pfft. In L.A., let’s see, three police chiefs ago, we had Willie Williams. Willie the Whale. He was so fat that he didn’t wear a uniform. He looked like a joke, and his officers had ZERO respect for him.

    The press got on him because he was always going to Vegas; they thought he had a gambling/ethics problem. I always suspected he was spending all his time at the buffets.

  • Rachel

    I agree!!! And the government wants to take my guns because I’ve supposedly got guys like that to protect me?!? I think not!

  • kittythepooka

    I agree completely. You have to take periodic fitness tests to stay in the military, why not police? You’re telling me this guy can run someone down if he has to?