Bob Ross, accidental Mock Dock mascot, has been autotuned.

I thought this day would never come.

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  • Bone

    That totally made my millenium! I miss that guy.

  • janice

    Can’t believe how much that made me smile.

    He was the most amazing painter – he’d have this beautiful picture, then plop some black paint in the middle and I’d be like WHAT DID YOU DO!! Then with some edge of a knife and a little burnt umber and he’d have that blob looking like a cottage covered in snow with a smoldering fire inside. And it was just that quick, too.

    The human quaalude I used to call him.

    He is missed for sure. Bet those paintings are worth a pretty penny now.

  • Gail

    He was super-amazing!

  • Nancy

    I used to love watching him paint! I like the way he does trees!

  • green eyed girl

    Ok, I confess, I had no idea who he was… but WOW!!! Amazing talent!!

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    This made me so happy and mellow. Took me back to my younger days when I would lounge on the couch on Saturday mornings watching him paint in a blissful stupor.

  • Rob

    I record his old shows every week, and if I can’t fall asleep, I’ll watch an episode. It usually does the trick, although I haven’t actually fallen asleep during a show yet.

  • CDinTtown

    My Mom used to paint from his show when I was a kid. Great memories of him. That made me smile so much!!

  • Mrs. K

    I smiled through this whole thing. His soothing voice and quiet encouragement was always a place of calm in my often stormy childhood. How I miss him…

  • Mrs. K


  • Cynicat

    My god. My boyfriend knows my love of Bob Ross. His painting technique: Wizardry, with a dash of sorcery.My art hero!!!

  • Bunny

    I am getting to ready to paint my kitchen and I need this song on continuous loop for the entire time. Sooooooooo great!