I Am Starting To Believe That Ashley Judd Is Tweeting SPECIFICALLY So That I Have Things To Mock.

Because otherwise, she would never post something this hilariously hypocritical:

Agreed, Ashley.  I think you’re exactly right.



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  • Lori E

    Geesh, with all those boob shots she could be Ashley Juggs! I know, seriously 7th grade but it’s late and it’s all I got… 😉

  • Hannah955

    I’m speechless. How can she spew this stuff with a straight face?

  • Hannah955

    But wait – why is the tweet in quotes – is she quoting someone else?

  • Mockarena

    The first part is in quotes, and then she added to it. So I’m guessing she agreed with the premise, and hilariously wanted to EXPAND on it. 🙂

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Don’t ya know she’s a “do as I say not as I do” type of gal? The rules don’t apply to her because she is “special.” And just typing that made me throw up in my mouth a little.

  • burning eyeballs

    Someone needs to ask Naomi if she dropped this chick on her head as a child.

  • Mary

    But what if your product IS boobs and bare skin (also known as Ashley Judd)? Apparently acceptable in the pre-puffy days.

  • Hannah955

    She’s so staggeringly unaware of her own hypocrisy that she can move effortlessly from exploiting her looks, to being a self appointed spokesperson against the exploitation of women. Coincidentally, right about the time she could no longer make money on her looks, she has segued into this new role.

    It’s funny how she thinks she leads this deeply introspective and contemplative life and that she’s more self-aware and enlightened than mere mortals, yet she can’t see herself for what she really is.

    I think she confuses self-reflection with looking in a mirror.

  • Idlechat

    I read some of her twatter feed. There seems to be some other examples of random quotation marks. I believe she may actually be quoting herself? Anywho…here’s a gem from July 11:

    How exciting & inspiring to sit with @melindagates & 8 other change-making women & declare we are all in for family planning. ‪

    Love the use of “we”. Did she break an arm patting herself on the back, or is she just that flexible?

  • lotsofmoxie

    Hannah955 nailed it, in addition to being humorous. This is how she’s hedging her bets. Instead of having to admit to herself and the world that she is no longer hot enough to trade on her looks, she’s getting all holier-than-thou and going on the offensive with the old “I wouldn’t even if you asked me to because I am now enlightened” bs.

    I love how she alternates between pretending that wasn’t in her past and in saying she only did it because she wasn’t aware of how important the revelations of the Conversation were then. Spare me.

  • burning eyeballs

    I wouldn’t say she doesn’t know she is being hypocritical. I honestly think she doesn’t care that she is a hypocrite. Rules are for the peasants.

  • Amy

    Remember when private jet lady offered to help Ashley out with travel and Ashley rudely said she doesn’t fly privately? Well, pjl recently asked whether she was sticking to her no private flights, “even for KY basketball.”. Was for sure a snarky comment. PJL most definitely has seen the mock dock.

  • Anonymouse

    Ashley news of the morning…she was just nominated for a Primetime Emmy award. For lead actress in a miniseries for Missing…because now it’s a miniseries, instead of a show that was MEANT to last just one season, instead of a show that just miserably flopped?

  • Hannah955

    WTF? Who votes for the nominations? And are they DEAF DUMB AND BLIND?

  • Hannah955


    That was the only nomination for “Missing”

    Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie
    Connie Britton, “American Horror Story”
    Julianne Moore, “Game Change”
    Nicole Kidman, “Hemmingway & Gellhorn”
    Ashley Judd, “Missing”
    Emma Thompson, “The Song of Lunch (Masterpiece)”

    Outstanding Miniseries or Movie
    “American Horror Story”
    “Game Change”
    “Hatfields & McCoys”
    “Hemingway & Gellhorn”
    “Sherlock: A Scandal in Belgravia (Masterpiece)”

    Lead Actress in a Drama Series
    Glenn Close, “Damages”
    Michelle Dockery, “Downton Abbey”
    Julianna Margulies, “The Good Wife”
    Kathy Bates, “Harry’s Law”
    Claire Danes, “Homeland”
    Elisabeth Moss, “Mad Men”

    Notice that there are only five nominees in Assley’s category but six in the others? Looks like they nominated four bona fide actresses in that category and then had to come up with someone else to fill out the category, and AJ was selected.

    Smart of the producers to submit in the mini-series category because there’s a lot less competition in that category and she would not have even been nominated in the ACTUAL category to which her canceled series belonged. Though they might have had a tough time deciding whether to submit it as a drama or a comedy 🙂

    There’s no way she’s going to win, thank goodness! But this gets her a seat at the table, unfortunately, meaning we’ll have to see her simpering face when the award is given to one of the other four. But at least we’ll be spared an acceptance speech. Though I’m sure it would have been a humdinger of false modesty, condescension, lecturing us about the objectification of women, and self-flattery.

  • Hannah955

    OK, I did a little analysis of the Emmy nominations. There are 25 categories.

    One category had 7 nominees (Lead Actress in a Comedy Series).

    Nineteen categories had 6 nominees.

    One category had 4 nominees (Outstanding Animated Program).

    Four categories had 5 nominees:

    Lead Actress in a Miniseries or Movie
    Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program
    Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie
    Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or Movie

    So basically, the categories with fewer than 6 nominees were the weaker categories. It’s kinda obvious that in Assley’s category, they had four good nominees and said “we gotta fill out this category – who else can we nominate?”

    And once again, the mediocre Assley Judd slides into a position of prominence through sheer luck.

    And as I said, great move on the part of the producers picking the weakest category to enter the show in.

    I think I read years ago that it’s the producers of the shows who submit nominations. So, the producers of all the “miniseries” submitted their lead actresses for consideration by the Emmy nominating committee. If there were only five submitted, Assley was a shoo-in.

    But seriously – when is a CANCELED SERIES a MINI-SERIES???

  • Hannah955

    Ooh, Mock started a whole new post about the Emmys so I am going to cut and paste my research over there. Yay Mock!