So, I’m Not Feeling All That Mocky This Evening

I know I typically reserve politics for my other site, but you guys, this is pretty much how I felt when the Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare came down this morning:

I’m going to go exercise, and burn off some steam, and maybe I’ll feel like mocking some stuff later.

Patience, mockdockers.  🙂



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  • Wiz of ID

    Oh my, I hope kitty is okay! You can see the ssssstreeeeeetch of the toes!
    I’m depressed right there with you, Mock. 🙁 Sad day for freedom of…everything.

  • Randomly_Chelle

    Just wanted to say thank you for keeping your site politics free,It’s fun and care free and enjoyable and I come here daily.

  • Buckeye Bob

    I’m with the cat! Worst day ever!

  • AA

    Breath !!!! You are not going stop fighting for your family and and the ideals of freedom some really cool people fought for to start this country. Refuse to allow the Marxist-in-chief and company to have final victory. Pray and Pray and Pray and Pray and Pray and Stand.
    If the fight continues…. So Be It!!!!
    These “fellow travelers” can’t feed themselves or do any thing productive and never could be anything other than parasites. Get ready for November.

    (I have the urge to go to the gun store. Lock and Load, Mock!)

  • Nancy

    Thank you I watched this repeatedly and giggled every time!

  • Rachel

    Best cat .GIF ever!!! Love it!

  • Amy

    Worst day, for sure. Can’t we just push nazt pel$&&si and darth vader ginsberg off a building? That would mke me feel better.

  • Amy

    Oh, and of course, Miss Pretentious Pants too.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Can’t blame you, Mock. I felt the same way last night. We’ll just have to dust ourselves off, set our focus, and be determined in our path to set this to rights.