I Have No Idea Where This Is…

…but there is no where else I ever want to wash my car EVER, except this place.

Incidentally, if Mr. Mock didn’t take my car to be washed, it would never get washed. I am one of those people who never pays a LICK of attention to whether or not my car needs a bath. Mr. Mock, on the other hand, is OBSESSED with car cleanliness, and will notice the slightest spot of dirt, and rush to the car wash to clean it off.

A couple of weeks ago, my car was parked in its usual spot at my office, and the lawn maintenance people set the sprinklers to 12pm instead of 12am, and everyone parked in my row had their cars get sprinkled on at lunch. I was oblivious to this, until a bunch of people parked in my row started complaining that their cars had water spots all over them. One of my co-workers asked me, “Does your car have spots?” And I said, “I have no idea.” This was after I’d already been out to my car, left for lunch, and returned.

I had planned to tell Mr. Mock about the sprinkler incident when I got home that day. He was outside in the driveway when I pulled up, and before I could even FULLY EXIT THE CAR, he was all, “OMG WHAT ARE THESE SPOTS?!” So I explained what happened, and told him I wouldn’t have even noticed the spots had my other co-workers not been flipping out over them. And Mr. Mock said, “The back door of your car could be torn off, and you would just drive away and wonder why there was a draft. That is how oblivious you are.”

I can’t really argue with that.

But if this car wash was somewhere near me, I would make a concerted effort to care more about car cleanliness, just so I could have my car washed by people trained by Mr. Miyagi.

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  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    This made me laugh so much. Car appearance is one of those afterthoughts for me, too. Except for when I really couldn’t ignore things.

    For example, I used to park under a tree in my assigned space at work. This tree had sap balls in the fall that would fall down and splatter super-sticky brown blobs all over the car. Every day. Mr. Mock would have had a heart attack. I had to wash that sucker frequently or risk the paint coming off.

    In the spring, it has tons of flower petals falling off, mixing with the rain to stick to the top of my car. I kind of liked the look – it looked like my car had fluffy pink hair. But of course I had to wash it off then, too. 🙂

    And the worst was when a bunch of birds – we’re talking 300-400 of them, decided to roost in the trees in the parking lot earlier this year. The crap was craptacular! It covered our cars two inches thick. And the parking lot. Which, when combined with the falling branches and hardened, turned walking to your car into navigating a shitty obstacle course. Literally.

    I am so glad I got assigned to a spot not under one of those ridiculous trees. The shade it provided was SO not worth the hassle.

  • Ka

    Much like Mr. Mock, my husband is obsessed with car cleanliness and frequently “kidnaps” my car on Saturday mornings to take it to the car wash. I love love love my car, but most of the time I am oblivious to all but the most glaringly obvious of blemishes like massive bird poop or when the little bastards next door throw candy over the fence and it gets stuck to the roof.
    Last weekend when he volunteered to bring my car to the car wash I whined that if he drove my car again, he would move the seat and then I would have to find the perfect spot again. So he didn’t take it to get it washed, he washed it himself, in the driveway. Not only did he do an awesome job washing it, but he hand-dried the entire car too, so that I wouldn’t have waterspots. And later that night it rained! I felt terrible…
    So I made up for it by buying him one of those Scentportables from Bath & Body Works for our truck. It’s a monkey and it makes everything smell good. Because deep down underneath all that grownup responsible stuff, a smelly monkey appeals to the weird kid in him. Just one more reason why I love him to pieces.
    Just sometimes I wish he would stop being so obsessed with my car…