I kinda like this, but watching it makes me hope that they all wear good deodorant.

For another version of the same song, I give you this.

Ah the circle of life.

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  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I can’t stop giggling at the fox/bunny picture. I also laughed SO HARD at a comment on the YouTube original Gotye video. If you’ve seen the video, Gotye and Kimbra are both nude and being painted to blend in with the background. The comment was something like this:

    Oh sure, when Gotye gets naked and paints himself to blend in with the background it’s art, but when I do it I get kicked out of Baskin Robbins.


  • Anonymous
  • Tina B

    Anonymous beat me to it, as that was just the link I was going to share if it wasn’t already here. I was cracking up so hard at that version of Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know!! I love the last line: “My stomach feels funny!” Clever group, The Key of Awesome!

  • Mizz M

    If they were better, maybe they could each afford their own instrument.