Ashley Judd’s Missing Will Not Be Renewed For A Second Season.


An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this link earlier today via Facebook to let me know that the show has been officially canceled.   I still have to review this past week’s episode and then the finale next week, and then I will be THROUGH with that garbage and we can all move on with our lives.

This particular mockdocker was nice enough to tell me that she’d miss my reviews, but as I reassured her,  I’m sure Ashley has plenty more craptacular acting ahead of her, and I’ll be right here, ready to review it for you.  So see?  Nothing to fret about.

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  • Amy

    Hahahahahaha! It really sucks to be Dario. Even more than usual.

  • Hannah955

    Amy – suck to be Dario because – now she’ll be home all day?

    Hey, I was thinking it would be great to start a comment thread called “Ashley Judd’s Bucket List.” I have a few proposed entries, some of which she has achieved, despite being kinda mediocre at everything.

    1) become Hollywood star

    2) marry Indy 500 champ

    3) write bestselling book

    4) get Harvard degree

    5) speak at the UN

    6) win Nobel Peace Prize

    7) get elected to Congress but only serve one term because the downtrodden women of Africa need me to speak for them

    8) win an Oscar

    9) become US Ambassador to some third world country but not so third world that it doesn’t have WiFi and good restaurants and 4 star hotels

    10) chair the jury at the Cannes Film Festival

    11) God, this is Ashley, can we have a do-over on #1? I forgot to mention my place in the pantheon is supposed to be ‘A list’ not ‘B List’

  • Anonymous

    oops, an 8 followed by a right parenthesis is apparently a smiley face.

  • amy

    Hannah955, exactly! And, he’ll have to tell her how wonderful and talented she is and it is just that mere mortals cannot, and thus do not deserve, her special gift.

    Remember what he had to go through when there was too much clinking of glass and silverware in the Virgin Atlantic first class cabin? that was nothing!

  • Db

    I never even tried watching, because everyone but her thought it was pure garbage. Methinks the gods of her mind were telling her to start fires, but she decided to make people want to burn their tv sets instead…

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Here’s hoping Sean Bean finds a project more worthy of him now.

  • TJ

    This is your opinion and we ALL know about opinions. All assholes like you have them!!!!!! I love this show.

  • Hannah955

    I tortured myself last night by watching the first few minutes of a speech she gave at the National Press Club about Mountain Top Removal (MTR). She started out by scolding the audience from the podium because when she said “good afternoon” they didn’t say it back, and she’s a southern girl and where she comes from people say it back when you greet them. So she got a stern look on her face and said “Take two: Good afternoon” and like good little boys and girls, the assembled audience said “Good Afternoon.” Gag me.

    It took her less than 3 minutes to mention her Harvard degree, BTW.

    Um, about that Harvard “degree?” It’s basically a one-year vanity program for rich people. It’s called an MC MPA which stands for Mid Career Master of Public Administration. 50% of the people who apply get in, and I imagine 100% of Hollywood “stars” (even over-the-hill B-list stars) who are also self-professed “humanitarians” get in. This is in contrast to Harvard’s rigorous academic MPA degree which is a two year program that only accepts 20% of applicants.

  • Mockarena

    Sucks for you that it won’t be renewed then, huh TJ? Looks like there weren’t enough people with YOUR OPINION to make that suck-fest last longer than one measly season.

  • Mockarena

    Hannah – make sure to do a search on Ashley Judd at my other site too, because that’s where I cover her political crap. 🙂

  • burning eyeballs

    Sniff, sniff….no more Mock reviews. I am devastated!

  • dianne

    I love this show….it’s so much better than watching those idiotic reality shows. I can’t believe it’s going to be cancelled.
    Sorry to see it go!

  • Hannah955

    Dianne, I feel ya! After all, an idiotic spy adventure with a ridiculous plot, horribly written dialogue and even worse acting is SOOO much better than some idiotic reality show.

  • Hannah955

    BTW, I’m jumping the gun here because Mockarena hasn’t written her recap of the final episode, but there was one scene I absolutely hated, which was the torture scene. It was laughably badly acted and written.

    Checked out Ashley Judd’s twitter feed tonight, and she’s bragging that she wrote some of that dialogue.

    [head slap] That’s why it was so bad. A double whammy!

  • Watcher89

    I’m guessing you all can act and write screenplays?

  • Mockarena

    Watcher89 – I wasn’t aware that you needed screenplay acting and writing credentials to have an opinion on a show.

    It sucked. That’s why it was cancelled. Those meanies at ABC apparently agreed with my opinion more than they did yours.

  • Hannah955

    Watcher89 – *WE* are not getting paid to act or write screenplays.

    The problem is that the people who were getting paid to do so on this show – failed. Quel dommage, as Ashley would say when she’s trying to impress people.

    But as a travelogue it was great!

  • Hannah955

    There’s an on-line petition to save Missing and it has a whopping 60 signatures. So, Watcher89, with 300 million people in the US, you’re only outnumbered by 299,999,940 people who don’t give a crap whether “Missing” gets renewed.

  • Mockarena


  • Anonymous

    who are you people? uncomfortable with images of tough women are you?
    Just need to get a life of your own?
    It’s just a tv show. I happen to like Ashley Judd. Maybe she’s just too intelligent for you and you feel insecure.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Can’t stop giggling at the most recent anonymous comment.

  • Hannah955

    Yeah, I’m really intimidated by Ashley Judd’s intelligence. What with my Yale honors degree and 168 IQ, I feel so intellectually inferior, I have the urge to start using big words just to impress people.

    Ms. Judd got a mid-career MPA in a program at Harvard that takes a mere eight months to complete and accepts 50% of all applicants. AKA Harvard Lite. One of my ex-boyfriends got the same degree at Harvard and he is not exactly a rocket scientist.

    She actually called Harvard her alma mater on Twitter today. While this is not actually a lie if you go by the dictionary definition of “alma mater” – it’s also RIDICULOUSLY PRETENTIOUS. By the universally accepted day-to-day of the term, her alma mater is the University of Kentucky, where she got her undergraduate degree (at the age of 40) – not Harvard.

    Gee, I toured the White House once, I must be a Congressman!

  • Pentamom5

    Hannah955 so with your fabulous Yale degree and 168 IQ what exactly do YOU do to attempt to make the world a better place?? One would think that after all your supposed accomplishments you would have attained enough self esteem so as not to have try and fool yourselves into believing you have any by spreading filth about others!!! Real intelligent

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    How exactly did Hanna955 spread filth, Pentamom5? Care to elaborate? Or is it just that you don’t like that she doesn’t obviously kiss Ashley’s snobby butt?

  • burning eyeballs

    I love the irony of Anonymous comment. Hilarious it has two likes!

    Pentamom5: Please elaborate for us. Do you nalso see the irony in your post?

  • http://yahoo susam

    sounds like a lot of you are jealous of Ashley Judd. Nasty comments indicate you’re trying to be clever…..clever you’re not. Yes, I like the show and HATE some of the reality shows…and wonder about the intelligence of those that like the simple ones. And you’re questioning Ashley’s intelligence! WOW

  • Mockarena

    I question Ashley’s intelligence EVERY DAY.

    And after your comment, susam, I am definitely questioning yours. You do realize that using big words doesn’t make someone intelligent, yes?

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I find it hilarious that people are still defending Ashley/hurling insults at us. Are they googling “Missing canceled” in hopes of finding people unhappy about that and only finding this post? Cause no one else actually cared? And it’s always the same thing: that we’re jealous. LOL. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Hannah955

    Update – hot off the presses – the petition to renew “Missing” now has a whopping 348 signatures – 288 more in the last 11 days! Must be the Indy 500 bump.

  • Hannah955

    Got a chuckle today – somebody tweeted AJ about when will there be a second season of “Missing” and she replied that it was a “one season, ten episode show” – as if it was PLANNED that way. She doesn’t say “nobody watched and it was canceled” – which is what *actually* happened of course.

    Of course, in AJ’s skewed reality, everybody loved it because she’s gotten like 20 tweets saying they liked the show – all of which she replied to so that people would notice she’s getting compliments.

  • Anonymous

    they really suck for not having a second season they only wane watch this nonsence of the kardash bull krap

  • Jock

    Oh dear Hannah, what is your problem?
    Let me see if I can get a handle on it.
    Your posts seem to occur very early in the morning or middle of the day. This would indicate that you don’t have a day job, or do night shift. Even considering US time zones it still doesn’t work,(I assume, unlike me, you are in US, from your comments on 18th May).
    Obviously, much of your time is spent at the keyboard, or in front of a TV watching shows you don’t like. What a waste, don’t you do anything in the big wide world?
    So your Yale degree and high IQ hasn’t got you very far, has it darling.

    Ashley Judd has worked on numerous high grossing films, has her own production company, married a very successful (and attractive) racing driver. She lives in a beautiful mansion in Tennessee travelling to and from shoots in a helicopter. Her net worth was estimated at $22million last year.
    She could sit at home and do nothing like other people, but no, she gets up and tries to help those less fortunate. She tries to heighten the awareness of world poverty and lack of education.
    Whether you agree with her methods, she is getting the message out there. Lets face it, you knew all about her work, yet don’t like her.
    I believe that AJ has demonstrated a rather high level of intellegence. She has been able to make a Yale graduate froth at the mouth and help spread her message. She hasn’t met you or even heard of you and yet affected your life. Pretty clever huh!
    Considering her achievements, I reckon she is doing great, without your approval.
    Personaly, I think ‘Missing’ was a bit weak and obvious. Looked like the whole production was rushed. Nonetheless I enjoyed it and think a second season could deliver. The whole idea has great potential.

    I enjoyed that………………..

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Jock, you are an ignoramus. I’ve got my popcorn and am eagerly awaiting Hannah’s response.

  • Hannah955

    Hi Jock,

    Glad you could join our little discussion!

    If you search this site you’ll find a thread where – in response to a question from another poster – I describe what I do for a living.

    I’m self-employed, I get to work from my home office, which means I have time in the middle of the day to take a break and indulge in my new favorite hobby – mocking Ashley Judd.

    To figure out the time of day I am actually posting, you’d have to know what time zone Mock’s server is in, and then adjust for where I live (California). To make this easier for you, it’s now roughly 10 am where I live. Compare that to the time stamp on this post, and from now on you can track the actual local time of day that I’m at my keyboard.

    Wow, my own personal stalker – I feel almost like a celebrity!

    But really, you should join in the Judd Mockery- it’s so much fun. She is the gift that keeps on giving – just when we think we’ve run out of material, she does something pretentious and narcissistic and we start up again. And doesn’t Jock at the Mock Dock have a nice ring to it?

    Just use the Mock Dock’s search feature to search for “Ashley Judd” and you will find 28 pages worth of fantastic mockery about her.

    So, to address a couple of your points:

    Ashley Judd has indeed worked on several high grossing films. These high grossing films fall into two categories:

    1) films in the early to mid 1990’s starring – and carried by – such A-list actors as Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino, and Sandra Bullock (all Oscar winners, by the way). These are films in which she played a supporting role that could have been played by any other 20-something actress, and the movie would still have been high grossing.

    2) films starring Morgan Freeman (another A-list Oscar winner). She pretty much owes her career to Morgan Freeman!

    In between, she had time to star in “Twisted” in 2004, the lowest-rated movie of the year with a 2% Rotten Tomatoes rating (133 out of 135 critics panned it). No A-list actors, and no Morgan Freeman to bail her out, and she stunk up the screen. Hmmm…

    Most recently, in 2011 she was in “Dolphin Tale” (another high-grossing movie starring Morgan Freeman), in which she played another forgettable supporting role that any 40-something actress could have done as well or better.

    Also in 2011, she was part of an ensemble heist flick called “Flypaper” which grossed a whopping $1,100 in its entire theatrical release. That’s less than I have in my checking account right now – hee!

    Admittedly, she did OK in 1999’s “Double Jeopardy” without Morgan Freeman, and with only one A-lister in the cast (Tommy Lee Jones). That was a modest hit. 13 years ago.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard a critic say “Only Ashley Judd could have played that role.”

    Since she has such a massive ego she is probably stunned that she hasn’t won an Oscar by now. So she pretends to be semi-retired and devoting her life to humanitarian work, but she occasionally takes a starring role in some indie film about a serious topic such as depression (“Helen”) or paranoia (“Bug”) , then chews the heck out of the scenery hoping someone will notice and the Oscar buzz will start and lightning will strike. But newp – nobody notices and these films sink without a trace.

    44 years old and never even been *nominated* for an Oscar. Meanwhile her half-sister Wynonna, who by all accounts is gracious to fans (unlike Ashley), is a bona fide superstar in her own field, country music. Wynonna had smashed just about every country music record by the time she was 25.

    Ashley must be seething. First Mommy liked Wynonna better, and now despite her best efforts, she has failed to outshine her to prove to Mommy that she’s special-er than Wy. Although rumor has it, she holds the family hostage to her intelligence and beats them up with arguments they think are brilliant. Here’s what I think about that, in a language in which she claims to be fluent (throw it into Google translate if you don’t speak French): “Au royaume des aveugles, le borgne est roi.”

    You know what I find delicious? Back in 2002, she appeared in Paramount’s 90th anniversary photo shoot, then attended the banquet afterward, where in a print interview she said she was accidentally seated at the wrong table with a bunch of boring nobodies, until some studio executive rescued her and put her at a table with some A-list actors, who apparently hadn’t noticed she wasn’t with them. She actually said, for attribution ” … and thus I was restored to my proper place in the pantheon.”

    Jock, do you know what a pantheon is? It’s a TEMPLE TO THE GODS.

    How can you not loathe someone who speaks about herself in such a manner?

    Oh, and about that pantheon: the current issue of Vanity Fair has Paramount’s 100th anniversary photo spread in it. No Ashley Judd. I guess her proper place in the pantheon is – buying a copy of Vanity Fair? Even her great friend and benefactor Morgan Freeman, who *was* there, apparently couldn’t get her into the shoot.

    Tell you what, Jock. This is how I gauge the quality of Ashley Judd as an actress, humanitarian and human being, and why she comes up short in my book. If her own words and actions aren’t enough to convince you (and they certainly are with me), then try this simple comparison.

    Immerse yourself in stories about Audrey Hepburn, look at her videos on youtube, rent her movies. You know Audrey Hepburn, right? Who was abandoned by her father when she was a child, yet found him later in life and quietly supported him until he died. Who starved as a teenager in Nazi-occupied Holland, but never mentioned it in later life. Who won the Oscar for Best Actress in a Film *and* the Tony for Best Actress in a Play, in her first film and her first play, when she was only 24. Her acceptance speech? A model of graciousness, in which she thanked everybody and told us all how happy she was. Lasted roughly 45 seconds. You can find it on youtube.

    What’s more, Audrey Hepburn was a true humanitarian. When she went to drought-ravaged Africa and held babies, she didn’t look for a camera to get her best angle, she didn’t write a book and profit off their stories. She was paid $1 a year to be the international spokesperson for UNICEF. And in the last months of her life when she was painfully emaciated because she was dying of colon cancer, she went to Africa and continued her work and never complained.

    Ashley Judd, on the other hand – I would love to know what her fee for repping PSI is, because I can guarantee with her ego, she thinks she adds so much value she should be paid handsomely. There’s one particularly telling blog post on the internet by someone who had the misfortune to be her handler on one humanitarian trip, in which he says that she wouldn’t go to Cambodia to do relief work unless PSI flew her first class. First class airfare between Tennessee and Cambodia is $25,000. Do you know how many starving orphans that would feed?

    She stayed in the best hotels, kept staffers waiting in the lobby every morning while she got her 13 hours of sleep a night, demanded acupuncture, and complained about how when she was flying home in first class with her husband, the flight attendants were making too much noise preparing drinks for the passengers, and she asked them to be more quiet, and they wouldn’t, and she collapsed sobbing and had to be comforted by her husband for the rest of the trip.

    When she got home from Africa, she realized she had 6 faucets in her house – and her housekeeper had bought her some plastic storage containers for her kitchen while she was away. And starving people in Africa don’t have running water – or TUPPERWARE – and she couldn’t cope with that thought so she had to go to therapy for PTSD.

    Ask yourself, what would Audrey Hepburn have done?

    It’s like drinking fine wine after swigging some Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s. Try it, your celebrity palate will improve, and you’ll find yourself mocking Ashley right along with us.

    I do agree with you about one thing, though – she is doing great! Considering her modest talents she has done spectacularly. She’s one lucky person, not that she apparently feels gratitude for her good fortune in life, judging from her memoir.

    You see, in her deprived childhood, she didn’t have a ride to private school when she was 16, so when her classmates complained about her repeatedly asking for rides, ‘cuz apparently she didn’t know how to ride public buses, she got embarrassed and stayed home from school for a week. I’m sure she’s in therapy about that episode to this day. And then, at the end of the school year – when it was too late to do any good, as she points resentfully out in her memoir – her inconsiderate sister Wynonna gave her a BMW.

    That house in Tennessee? Also a gift from Wynonna.

    The Mercedes in which she got the speeding ticket in Malibu? A gift from her mom.

    You know, two of the people she threw under the bus in her memoir.

    OK, morning coffee break is over, I gotta get back to work!

    (Hope you enjoyed that, R_O_P!)

  • Hannah955

    I should have said, when I think pantheon, Audrey Hepburn is near the top of my list. Yet IN A MILLION YEARS, Audrey Hepburn would never have said of herself that she belonged in the pantheon of stars.

    And it’s 10:40 local time 🙂

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I definitely, 100% enjoyed that, Hannah. That was positively splendid. 😀

  • Hannah955

    Thanks R_O_P! Afternoon break, back to my favorite hobby 🙂

    Hey Jock, I hope when you posted your comment you clicked on “update me” so you’ll see our replies.

    Remember how I reluctantly gave AJ credit for the modest hit, “Double Jeopardy?”

    On second thought, no. She doesn’t deserve credit for even that.

    First of all, it wasn’t 13 years ago it was 15. Yup, her last STARRING role in even a modest hit was 15 years ago. Even sadder, if you go back through her career, it was basically her ONLY starring role in even a modest hit.

    And, I would argue she contributed virtually nothing to the box office of “Double Jeopardy.”

    To back that up, let me parse the actual data.

    My sources are and if you’d like to verify the numbers.

    But first, we have to go back 19 years to 1993, when Tommy Lee Jones and Harrison Ford starred in the blockbuster hit “The Fugitive.”

    Let’s look at the plot of “The Fugitive” from 1993. A happily married man is falsely accused of the murder of his wife and is convicted of the crime and sent to prison. He escapes and goes on the run in a quest to hunt down his wife’s real killer and prove his innocence. Tommy Lee Jones is the lawman who relentlessly pursues him, but eventually comes to believe in his innocence.

    Now, let’s look at the plot of “Double Jeopardy” from 1997. A happily married woman is falsely accused of the murder of her husband and is convicted of the crime and sent to prison. She escapes and goes on the run in a quest to hunt down her husband and prove her innocence. Tommy Lee Jones is the lawman who relentlessly pursues her, but eventually comes to believe in her innocence.

    Wow, call me cynical, but it looks like somebody said “Let’s remake the Fugitive, except we’ll have the Harrison Ford role played by a woman, doesn’t matter which woman because we’ll keep TOMMY LEE JONES!!! And we’ll clean up at the box office.”

    Adjusted for ticket price inflation, “The Fugitive” grossed a whopping $351 million in its theatrical release.

    Four years later, same movie, swap out Harrison Ford for Ashley Judd, and it grosses only $181 million in adjusted terms. So, the difference between Harrison Ford and Ashley Judd is: negative $170 million? Looks like just about all of the $181 million that “Double Jeopardy” grossed was due to Tommy Lee Jones, not Ms. Judd.

    On Rotten Tomatoes, “The Fugitive” received a 94% positive rating from the critics, while “Double Jeopardy” received only 26%. In other words, it was a stinker.

    Not all of that was due to Ms. Judd, maybe not even most of it. Because the plot? Was RIDICULOUS.

    Let me give just a few examples:

    Her husband takes out two million dollars in insurance on himself naming his wife as beneficiary, then frames her for his murder. He changes his identity, takes the kid and sets up house in a new location with her best friend, who is secretly his mistress and in on the whole thing. Presumably neither he nor the mistress have any family or friends at all because they are willing to walk away from everything they have ever known.

    Why? Because when she is convicted of murdering him, she will give up her son for adoption to her best friend, and will give the insurance money to her friend to support her son, and then the mistress and the undead husband will be RICH!!!

    Ummm, there’s this little thing in the law about not profiting from a crime. No way in hell will the insurance company pay out to the person who murdered the insured party.

    Second plot flaw, convict tracks down best friend who is all “oh, I’m so sorry, I moved and forgot to give you my new phone number.” And then mistress hands the kid the phone because, you know, there’s no chance he’ll tell her that he’s LIVING WITH DADDY. Oops!

    Third plot flaw, that if you are convicted of killing somebody, you can’t be tried again for their murder (hence the title of the movie), so she can get out and kill her husband “in the middle of Mardi Gras” as some jailhouse convict lawyer tells her with a straight face, and get off scot free.

    Except, that’s just crap. Because yeah, you can be tried twice for killing the same person – because those are two different crimes.

    OK, I’m done parsing Ashley Judd’s craptastic career as an actress. Back to work!

  • Jock

    Swimming through the froth.
    Less stress.
    It’s been fun whatching you argue with yourself.
    Valid, but totally pointless observations.
    You still have no idea who, what, where, why.
    Have fun with the rest of it.
    Who gives a …..
    …..Bookmark deleted……

  • Mockarena

    Hannah doesn’t have a problem, Jock. Unless you consider awesome research skills and the ability to see right through bullsh*t a problem.

    But it’s cute that you’re such an Ashley fan. I’m sure she appreciates it.

    (Except she probably doesn’t, because I’m guessing you’re not part of the pantheon.)

  • Hannah955

    Hey Jock, whyncha go try to meet Ashley Judd in person. Then report back to us how she treated you. But make sure no photographers are nearby.

  • Alan

    Oh my god. A pretentious person mocking a pretentious person over something as trite as television. A Yale degree and an IQ of 168. No, there is no 14 or 15 SD IQ test that can measure 168. Once you get past about 3 SD the test is meaningless and thus a ceiling is imposed. Extrapolation is not meaningful. Of course, you may be referring to a childhood test which does not correlate to adult IQ, or you may be referring to a 24 SD test such as Cattell but then my 180 beats you handily. I certainly don’t go around telling people that I have an IQ of 180 on the basis of one test. Yale? A lot of very stupid people have Yale degrees. Couldn’t get into Princeton? And you other people should be ashamed for encouraging such behavior.

  • Hannah955

    Hi Alan,

    Ah, welcome, pretentious person trying to deflate ego of other allegedly pretentious person – by bragging about himself.

    Attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, talent, culture, etc., than is actually possessed.

    Hmm, I don’t think I was doing that, since my statements were true.

    I’m curious about what led you to this thread?

    Well, we appear to agree on one thing – Assley Judd is pretentious.

    If you read through all the comments you’ll see that my statement about my intelligence was in response to some Assley loyalist saying we were all probably intimidated by her intelligence. I used data that I thought the commenter would understand – shorthand, if you will.

    Yes, indeed, my 168 was based on a childhood test; my parents told me that’s what I scored, and I never actually saw the results. Maybe they were taking pity on their moron child and trying to boost my confidence – who knows.

    I don’t remember ever taking an IQ test as an adult – though I’m sure you’ll have something disparaging to say about the 770 I scored on the GMAT at age 22, in a year when 700 was 99th percentile; I figure that puts me around 99.9th percentile, meaning that only 1 in a thousand people who took the test scored as high as I did. Both my math and verbal scores were well above 99th percentile. In fact, I’ve never scored below 99th percentile in any standardized test I’ve ever taken.

    Of course, you and I both know there’s very little correlation between success in life and high scores on standardized tests.

    As for Princeton, I don’t know whether I would have gotten in because I didn’t apply. If I had, it would have been my safety school 🙂

    You’re absolutely right that a lot of stupid people have Yale degrees. I can attest to that first-hand. A lot of stupid people have Harvard and Princeton degrees too. Just look at Assley Judd. Well, to be honest she’s not stupid – but she’s WAAAAY less intelligent than she thinks she is. I’m guessing, IQ around 130, SAT’s in mid 600’s. Se has both you and me beat by a country mile in the “pretentious” department, though!

    I had my heart set on Yale from the time I was 15 – and for a quirky reason. I went back east for the summer and stayed with a friend I had met when she came out to California for school for a year, and then invited me back to stay with her for a month in Rhode Island. I chaperoned a neighbor’s daughter who was 6 years old who was going back to Connecticut to stay with her grandparents. The grandparents took a liking to me and invited me back to Connecticut, so I spent a month with them after Rhode Island. They were old New England Mayflower types. The great-uncle was a retired Admiral in the Navy, and he took me under his wing and drove me around showing me the sights. One day he drove me into New Haven in a blinding summer thunderstorm, and showed me around the Yale campus. Maybe because I was born in England and something about it resonated with me (Yale’s architecture was modeled after Oxford), I instantly fell in love with Yale and decided on the spot I was going to go there – and I did!

    I would never trot out my IQ score, test scores or alma mater in real life since ALL of my friends are smarter than I am, probably have higher test scores, and a lot have PhD’s from schools like MIT and Stanford that are harder to get into than Yale – or Princeton.

    I play in puzzle hunts, and the people in this milieu are wicked smart. An American crossword puzzle champion. A world puzzle champion. A world sudoku champion. A co-founder of Google. And they’re not always on the winning team! In puzzle hunts, you’re only as good as your last “aha” moment, so nobody talks about their IQ or test scores. You just shut up and solve puzzles. Usually I am not the first person on my team to have the “aha” on any given puzzle – though I have my moments (word-based puzzles are my strong suit). That keeps me very modest in my real life.

    Ooh, there’s an idea. If you’d like to show us your 180 IQ in action, I’ll post links to some puzzles, and we’ll see how you do.

    Whaddaya say, Alan? Up to the challenge?

  • Alan

    And you missed the entire point. When people think of an IQ they think of the normal statement on a scale with mean of 100 and SD of 14-15. The ceiling is in the 145-150 range. 168 is untestable on any adult test with those parameters. I could scale a test to a mean of 200 and a SD of 50 and you could have an IQ of 350. It means nothing, just as a score of 180 on a Cattell means nothing in the context of the usual understanding of IQ scores because it’s scaled differently. Look it up. It’s 3 standard deviations above the mean, nothing more. A childhood score means nothing. My kids scored in the 175-200 range because they were taught to read at three years old. I assume your parents were bright and you probably had above average reading skills when young. But there is absolutely no correlation between those scores and any adult scores. So no, I was not being pretentious, I was pointing out that the score is meaningless without context, my score of 180 on a Cattell is meaningless, you may well score a 180 on that test scale, and your need to tell people that your IQ is 168 without any context is pretentious. I’m sorry that you didn’t grasp that from the reading. Congratulations on your 770, I teach GMAT prep. I have no reason not to believe that you are a smart person and probably could score 3 SD deviations above the mean on whatever test you took but you need to learn to be a bit humble. You do come off as pretentious.

    Oh, my wife liked to watch that crap so I was checking to see if it would be on again.

  • Mockarena

    Alan said, “Oh, my wife liked to watch that crap so I was checking to see if it would be on again.”

    Thankfully not. I invite your wife to read my episode recaps instead. I sat through every single one of those horrible shows, so I could then mock them mercilessly here for the readers.

    And not to be pretentious or anything, but I ROCK at getting good screengrabs of Ashley. BEHOLD:

  • Hannah955

    And… I’ll take that as a “no” on the challenge to solve some puzzles.


  • AA
  • Hannah955

    Ooh, looky what I found! I was curious about how IQ tests are scored, since Alan mentioned it (and I confess, I had not known) … so I did some googling and came across this group:

    I just joined. If y’all thought I was pretentious before, I’m going to be positively INSUFFERABLE now – hee!


    yeah, Jock…realize your posts are old, but maybe you should learn to spell before expounding on how intelligent you are…’whatching?’ ever heard of spellcheck?