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Ashley Judd Is Selling The Castle She Claimed She Didn’t Have A Few Months Ago

According to this (and Ashley Judd’s own tweet about it) she and Dario are selling Rednock Castle, their Scotland home (or at least one of their Scotland homes).  There are more pictures here.  Like this one.

It’s an absolutely gorgeous, bright and airy home.  Nothing mockable about it (except as it relates to Ashley and her use of toaster ovens to save the environment.)  Odd – I don’t see a single solar panel, do you?  But I’m sure, being the environmentalist she is, that they probably  just go without heat altogether.  You know, to save energy and whatnot. (snort)

Anyway, in case you forgot about her denying that she HAD a castle, please see this post for that whole story.  It was kinda epic. And so now she’s selling the castle that she doesn’t have.

I suppose she could argue that it’s not a castle by HER standards.  Like – maybe in order to be a castle according to Ashley Judd, it has to have a moat or something.  Who knows.

In any case, you can buy her castle for just under $6 million.  Which, I have to admit, seems pretty reasonable for a castle.  But you can only buy it if you “honor her.”  <–(“Her” being the castle.) FYI.

I Can’t Decide…

…if this is the most amazing display of mother-love ever, or if this chick is completely wack.

I’m leaning toward the latter.



An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this video, and I don’t know why, but if you watch it, and do what it says and look at the cross in the middle of the screen while it plays, the celebrities look like COMPLETE FREAKS. I don’t get it, but it makes my brain hurt. In the good way, where you’re like, “Brains are cool.”


Courtesy of an alert and astute mockdocker, I present to you this pack of skanks with a bonus skankariffic illusion (which is Buckeye Bob’s favorite).

Can Someone Please Translate?

Because I can’t figure out what it means to be rapid of something.  Anyone?

PS.  I’m not sure if you were aware of this or not, but I really cannot stand Ashley Judd.  FYI.

I wonder how many kids in underdeveloped countries she could save with the GIANT ROCK on her finger.

Ebay Sales Fail

I think I can safely speak for everyone in the entire universe when I say, “Eeew.”

Mock’s Tip Of The Day

It’s a TRAP.

You’re welcome.

AS IF We Needed More Proof

TURTLES SUCK.  And it doesn’t matter how much you guys try to send me pictures of itty bitty turtles or turtles you think are cute.  They are ALL EVIL.  And if you’ve found a turtle that isn’t evil, it’s just because it hasn’t shown its evil to you yet.  But it’s there, waiting for the right time to JUMP OUT and hurt you or someone else in some evil way.

I HATE TURTLES with the fury of a billion suns.


…is basically the coolest photo I’ve ever seen ever.

Teapot And Pearls. It’s Unbearable.

She even does the teapot pose SEATED, you guys.  Who DOES THAT?!??!

I mean, even the way she SITS screams smugness.  Ick.

Hannah955 is right – there is some serious anti-Ashley tweet action happening.  Look at these:

There’s more, but that was just a quick glance.

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