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I love whoever put that picture up SO MUCH.

Yard Advice

So, anytime I am facing a dilemma or problem of some sort, I say to myself, “Self – you should ask the mockdockers what to do. They know everything.” Because there have been many times that I’ve asked y’all what to do in a certain situation, and one or more of you seems to have exactly the right answer.

So it’s time for another Ask The Mockdockers question.

Here’s the situation. We have a hole in our backyard. It’s a fairly large hole – about softball size, and it’s been there for years. It poses a danger, obviously, because it’s not something you generally see until you’ve already tripped over it.

Mr. Mock has tried filling it with dirt and simply growing grass over it, but almost overnight, it’s back. He once tried filling it with sand, but poured bags and bags in and it never got full. This sort of freaked us out, so we decided to see what would happen if we put the garden hose in there and turned on the water. You know what happened? We let water pour in there for like an hour, and it never even PUDDLED around the hole. It’s like a never ending hole to nowhere.

We have no idea what, if anything, lives in it, but we’re pretty sure something does, because it seems like an awful waste of time to create a giant never ending hole only to just leave it.

Do any of you have any ideas about what we should do to get rid of this hole? Do we call animal control or a landscaping company or pest control? We have no idea.

Has anyone experienced a never ending hole in their yard before? Help.

Mockery Is Momentarily Interrupted…

…because I just fell in love with this version of Hallelujah, and thought y’all might like it too:

Well, There’s Your Problem Right There


Apologies to owners of smashed-face cats, but I cannot STAND smashed-face cats.  Which is ironic, I realize, what with my facesmashing tendencies and whatnot.  But on cats?  No.  Cats should have mini-snouts.

And it does seem to be true that the smashier the catface, the more fancy the cat seems to be.  What is that about?


I mean, does she have ANY self-respect?

And what in the holy hell is in that jug???

MockDog Update

MockDog is broken. 🙁

I’ve had my dog for 4 days, and I’ve ALREADY BROKEN HER.

She went to the vet today, and has a sprained ankle. We have to keep her as inactive and lazy as possible for the next 10 days, and she’s not allowed to jump or run or do any of the stuff that dogs like to do. And she’s on anti-inflammatories and pain killers.


We have no idea how she did it, except she played AWFULLY hard and ran a lot in the backyard when she first came here on Saturday, so she must have twisted it somehow.

She’s such a trooper – she still wants to play even though she’s got a boo-boo, and the hardest thing is having to tell her that she CAN’T play, without making her feel like she’s in trouble.

WHY did y’all not warn me that I would fall so madly in love with this dog so quickly? Bunny said to me, “Ugh – I HATE that this is the experience you’re having so soon with a brand new dog” and I totally get that, but at the same time, if this is one of those bad dog experiences I may as well get it out on the table now and deal with it, right? It’s just that we had such a short honeymoon. 🙁

I can’t wait for her to heal so that we can run and play and go for walks.

She is the sweetest – even though she’s owie, she gave Junior Mock a billion kisses this evening before he went to bed. And he just laughed and laughed. I’ll try to get video of it for you tomorrow, and maybe I can catch Junior using his arm to pet her again!

I love MockDog SO MUCH.

MockDog Is Settling In

She’s become verrrrrry comfortable at the Mock House.

She sees the vet tomorrow to check on a slight limp she seems to have developed, but besides that, she’s doing great, loving on all of us SO NICELY, and just fitting right into her new life as MockDog.

Junior Mock PET her today. Like – he moved his arm across her fur with purpose a couple of times. It was kind of amazing, apparently. I missed it, but J and Mr. Mock told me about it and said it was pretty extraordinary.

Mini is getting more and more comfortable with her all the time, and if you couldn’t tell already, I am SMITTEN. Mr. Mock is too. She’s just the BEST DOG EVER, and I’m already feeling like I can’t remember what life was like without her.


Shirley MacLaine Is Incredibly Sensitive

She’s probably figuring she’ll be talking to him soon anyhow, what with her whole belief in reincarnation and whatnot. But still. This sounded kinda insensitive.


Are you?

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