Have I Told You All How Awesome MockDog Is?

I saw this picture, and I thought to myself, “MockDog would NEVER do that.”  And she totally wouldn’t.  She is seriously the best dog ever, you guys.

Her paw seems to be healing really well, and she’s super playful, and just the most affectionate sweet dog I’ve ever been around.

And she knows SO MANY commands.  She will crawl, or walk backwards, or shut cabinet doors/drawers, or put her feet on your lap, or stand in front of you or behind you – all on command!  And we can put our dinners on our low family room table and leave the room, and she will just sit and look at our plates and not even sniff them!  And she won’t play with anything that’s not an Actual Toy of hers, so we haven’t had to hide shoes or other household things, because she is SO GOOD.

I am completely crazy about her, and I can’t wait for our “trial period” to be over so we can officially be her family.  We have already bought her a bed and a crate and a fancy collar with a fancy tag with her name on it and all of our contact information.

I still haven’t seen Junior try to pet her, otherwise I’d have taped it, but as soon as I see it I’ll get video and post it for y’all.  🙂

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