Sarah Jessica Parker Has Aged.

I mean, I know we’re all aging and whatnot, but still.  It just seems like she’s doing so on a faster basis, is all.

She’s 47.  This looks older than 47 to me.

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  • Buckeye Bob

    Wow, and she’s only ten years older than you too Mock. 😉

  • mommameah

    I think it is because she is so anorexic – ish. Good grief, if she’d eat a grape and retain a little water, her skelator face might fill out a bit and make her look closer to here age.

  • Tina B

    Yay! Finally there is a good reason not to be too thin! (That’s my excuse and I’m going to stick to it. ;-)) She is only 2 years older than me and I look much less wrinkly than she does.

  • formerly jim

    That’s more 67 than 47. She needs to super-size it.

  • Nancy

    Chasing a set of two year olds will do that too! I cannot even imagine that at ANY age!

    And lighting makes a big impact too. Angular just doesn’t look that great as one gets older, on anyone.

  • Victor

    Good gravy, I’m 50 and I don’t look that bad. Of course, I eat a cheeseburger every now and then, so I think those pointing out she has no padding have a point.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Plus, the smoking does no favors either. Poor thing.

  • SJP Doesn’t smoke… Even on SATC They gave her fake ones cause she refused to go near the real thing. She’s just too thin and has on no make up.

  • So Cal Mom

    Agree with most comments- it’s because she’s so thin. Although kudos to her for not plumping up her face w/fillers, like so many others have done. If she did, we’d be giving her grief for doing that! So glad i’m not in the public’s eye!!!

  • DirectorEvil

    Off to the glue factory with her!

  • Hatchetwoman

    It’s times like this that I remember Coco Chanel’s words: At some point, a woman has to choose between her derriere and her face.

  • CA

    Wow that’s a bad picture. I have met her husband, Mathew Broderick, and when not on camera he is almost totally gray.

  • posh

    You are all putting her down. Remember she is a mother to 3 kids. Being in the public eye all the time plays a big role, in her looking the perfect woman. As we all know we all have our off days of hair, spots, dress scene and feeling fat days. So lets give the girl a break. And remember when you look in the mirror you dont always look great, but it is the inside that matters….

  • Mercyneal

    She’s a chain smoker. That’s what’s aged her.

  • Mercyneal

    Stuff and nonsense. She’s always been a heavy smoker. New York post had a photo of her lighting up on the street last month.

  • Lisa M. Sama

    I think she’s lying about her age.