Mock’s Fashion Tip Of The Day

This is not attractive.

Seriously -what would you do without helpful observations like these?


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  • Buckeye Bob

    By the look on the mans face, I can read his mind. He’s thinking
    “You’ve got to be sh##ing me”

  • formerly jim

    Agreed. One should never wear a brown shirt with blue jeans.

  • Nancy

    Her purse is little.

  • So Cal Mom

    ewww! It looks like she rolled up her pants to match her rolled up tank top. Thought I doubt the rolled up tank was on purpose-it probably just crept up, trying to get away! 🙂 And BB- i think you ARE a mind reader!

  • Jessica

    I thought the guy looked Mexican and was thinking, “I wonder how many of my kids she’s willing to get welfare for…”

  • Cynicat

    Class, what we are observing today is the muffin top in it’s natural environment. Now study closely it’s cottage cheese-esque appearance. It is widely agreed that this feature evolved in order to protect the muffin top from it’s many predators, as most find it’s texure wildly unappealing. Of course, this is mere conjecture; another popular theory is that this could be a horrid genetic mutation. The world may never reach a consensus on this matter, as most researchers leave their hypotheses unfinished due to extreme projectile vomiting when in the vicinity of the subject.