Helpful Science

ATTENTION MOCKDOCKERS:  Mr. Mock and I are getting up super early tomorrow to get on a plane to Vegas, to belatedly celebrate his 40th birthday.  That means that mockery might slow down a bit, unless Buckeye Bob pipes in, which he totally might.

Mr. Mock and I were eating dinner this evening, and I don’t know what the restaurant put in their wine, but I was completely obliterated after 2 glasses, and basically everything was HYSTERICALLY FUNNY TO ME.  I slurred to Mr. Mock, “Hey – arrrrre we goooing to get a moooovie on our flight tomorrrrrrow morning?”  And he said, “It’s Southwest.  We’ll be lucky if we get seatbelts.”

I cannot stop laughing at this.  Even now.  I’m typing and laughing.  Which will henceforth be known as typhing.

Mr. Mock HATES Southwest.  He hates that we all get corralled like sheep instead of getting seat assignments.  He hates that they bought Airtran.  I, on the other hand, like that they fly direct from Indy to Vegas, and that they don’t charge for luggage.


Anyway, I’m drunk mocking right now.  Can you tell?

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  • Buckeye Bob

    With that bit of scientific information along with your upcoming flight reminds me of the pilot announcing
    “Ladies and gentlemen, if you all look out of the left side of the plane, we will tip over”

  • mommameah

    After having worked closely with the airline industry, Southwest is the only airline I will fly. Cheaper, better routes, Best customer service hands down. And they are much more consumer friendly…except for the sheep herding thing. That and we fly for free on most of our trips. Have a great time in Vegas.

  • formerly jim

    Happy belated, Mr. Mock. Have a good weekend.

  • Nancy

    I appreciate their cheaper flights and customer service. And humor.

  • el pato

    Belated Birthday Greetings to Mr. Mock!!
    (may you have many more!)
    on another note, i have to agree with Nancy.
    Better airline, better service.
    Also, if you want to pay a little more, get the priority boarding.
    (Better seat choice, on first)
    I had to do this at the last min. last year.
    I liked it a lot, once in a lifetime deal for me.
    Cannot afford it now, but if i could, you betcha i would get it again!
    Again, Happy Birthday Pappa Mock!!

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Have fun!!

  • burning eyeballs

    Priority board is the only way to fly.