Anderson Cooper Tries, Unsuccessfully, To Save Ashley Judd From Looking Weird

Ashley appeared on Anderson’s show, and it aired today. Since it was taped previously, he’s been putting up little mini clips of her appearance on youtube as teasers, and in this one, she describes her first day at Harvard, and how her dad took her to her first day, blah blah blah. She makes a funny at the end of the clip, which you’ll see, and he cuts the clip right after that. Behold:

You know why the clip cuts her off right there? Because Anderson wanted, clearly, to save her from the embarrassment of having the WEIRDEST, most bizarre, uber-husky, weird-faced laugh EVER, being highlighted on youtube.

I am not as sympathetic. Obviously. Enjoy.

(Or just get totally weirded out, like I did).

What WAS that?

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  • Buckeye Bob

    Sounds more like a 60 year old chain smoking bar hag on a three day binge trying to be funny. I was waiting for her to elbow him in the side and say, you know what I mean Vern? then repeat herself.

  • polish_princess

    I guess this is Assshley’s attempt at comedy or something but she still appears to have that stick up her a$$..

  • Michael

    For a 44 year old who’s chain smoked for 20+ years, and can easily out drink anybody you know under the table, she looks pretty good.

    This is not the soft, sweet, innocent 20 year old you remember from bad TV in the 90s. This girl likes living hard, and when you’re on the north side of 40, it all comes back to roost. That said, I don’t think it’s fillers or surgery, it’s just 20+ years of Jack and Camels without filters.