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This Is Why…

…if you insist on getting a tattoo, you should make sure in advance that your tattoo artist person knows how to spell.

Otherwise, you might regert it.


Seriously.  This is accurate.

Daisy And I Got Chick Time Today!

Sorry I haven’t mocked anything today, you guys.  But I got best friend time today, which rarely happens, and so basically everything else took a backseat to that.

We had a glorious breakfast at Bob Evans, and then we came home and did a really cool interview, and then we made some Chick videos for our other site, and then Daisy got some loving from Junior and Mini, and now I’m finally settling in to do some video editing and look for stuff to mock for you later this evening.

But you know that even when I’m off having best friend time, there is a piece of my heart that always belongs to you all.  Which is why I present to you, dear mockdockers, this incredibly romantic picture, to hold you over till later this evening.

Most. Unfortunate. Assular Area. EVER.

And that is saying something.  Because I have posted a LOT of unfortunate assular areas.

Holy Mother Of Crap



Seriously – that guy could be douchiest dorkbucket in the history of the universe.

Have You Ever Noticed…

…that the very people who you DO NOT want to expose themselves in public are precisely the ones who do?

This phenomenon is common at beaches, for example. And I don’t even wanna KNOW what sorts of creatures frequent nudist camps.

And the woman in this video? Yeah. Another example of what I’m talking about. But I do love how happy she is about it.

Holy Fast.

Mr. Mock is one of those car guys who can recognize any car anywhere and tell you the make, model, year, and basically all sorts of other information about the car that you probably would never want to know, but the point is, he could tell you. He knows EVERYTHING about cars. Now, the gif above shows a car going so fast that it disappears practically instantaneously, but in the split second you can actually see it, Mr. Mock says he believes it’s either some sort of Corvette or Ferrari. He was all, “If I could hear it, I could tell you instantly” and he TOTALLY COULD.

Can you believe how freaking fast that car is going?

Speaking of fast cars, Mr. Mock got a new car today. New to him, anyway. It’s super cute – it’s a 2010 Volkswagon GTI, and he just brought it home today, and I drove it earlier and it is basically the zippiest little car I’ve ever driven. It’s super fun. You press the gas, and for this split second it sort of fakes you out like it’s going need MORE gas, and then all of a sudden you just GO. It’s so fun.


Isn’t she cute? We’ve named her Heidi. I think she and Haro Kiti will get along just fine, and Haro Kiti will be happy to have a new friend in the garage.

This Bird Is A JERK.

An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this video, and I have to say that this cat has waaaaaay more patience than I do. If I were a cat, and I were trying to nap and this stupid jerk of a bird kept cooing at and tapping me, then that bird and I would THROW DOWN, and I would win, because cats always beat birds, and then I would eat that bird, and then I would take a really extra long nap.

Somersault Demonstration

By an expert.

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