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If You’re Ever Blue…

…just remember that whatever the plural of a T-Rex is wasn’t able to have meaningful use of their arms.

So really, you have nothing to be blue about.

I Love This SO MUCH

I want to shop there JUST BECAUSE OF THIS.  And I don’t even know what they sell.


They say that there’s a rule about not wearing mini-skirts past a certain age (which, by the way, I happen to ignore), but as long as we’re going to have a rule book on fashion at specific ages, this definitely needs to be added.

In fact, I’m not sure this is appropriate at any age.

Thank You But No


Seriously, why?

Bunny Insisted I Share This With You

I was all, “This is gross. No one wants to see this.” And she was like, “Mockdockers will want to see this. It’s fascinating and full of awesome inuendo.” And the rest of our conversation went like this:

Mock: I cannot IMAGINE working a factory job like that. I would seriously want to kill myself.
Bunny: I told my boss I would never complain about my job again. And he said, “Yes, you will.” But STILL.
Mock: Can you imagine? All day, every day, you work on a machine making hot dogs.
Bunny: I know. I will never eat hot dogs again.
Mock: I will TOTALLY eat hot dogs again, and in fact, I will have one for dinner. JUST OUT OF RESPECT for the people who work in those factories.
Bunny: You have to mock that. People need to see it.

So there you have it. I have been commanded by Bunny to show you this.

Well, This Is Embarrassing.

Obviously, I have no business naming my car Haro Kiti when it looks nothing like this:

This House…

…could use some conditioner.

No, Thank You.

I will not be adding these to my collection.

This Happens To Me At LEAST Three Times A Week

I am SO PRODUCTIVE in my sleep.  It’s just that when I wake up, no one actually gets to BENEFIT from all of my productivity.

Including me.

This Guy Is A Total Idiot

I actually watched this entire thing, with my face making that expression that you make when you’re watching somebody do something inexplicably stupid.

So This Guy Is Back – Watch More Funny Videos

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