This Is Why Cats Are Awesome

You cannot deny the entertainment value of a cat and a plastic grocery bag.

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  • Jen

    So, Mock, you’re aware that Mike Rowe started out as the overnight guy on QVC, right? And that those videos are on YouTube? And that one of those videos involves a cat in a bag? No? Well, Happy Tuesday night to you, my dear!

  • Hatchetwoman

    I laughed so hard I actually cackled! Any more and my husband’s going to ask me if I laid an egg! I just love cats in a panic over something so stupid — that they’ve gotten themselves into!

  • Mockarena

    Jen – OMG I laughed SO HARD at that. He was the most hilariously awesomely bad QVC host EVER. LOVE.

  • sunnyAZ

    Cats are so funny and I love them.

  • WakeUp

    My Siamese did this one evening while we were out… When we came home there was blood EVERYWHERE! She had run around a freaked out so much she ended up tearing out her back claws 🙁 We found her absolutely exhausted and terrified cowering under the bed with the bag still around her neck.

  • Gypsy

    I sometimes put a little catnip inside a few of them. Keeps them occupied for hours and then they hang out high and happy the rest of the evening…