You Know What I Hate?

I hate that radio commercials are like 10x as loud as whatever radio program you happen to be listening to.

It seriously ENRAGES ME when I’m happily and contentedly listening to a radio program, with the volume just exactly where I like it, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN OUT OF NOWHERE a commercial comes on and practically blasts my speakers right out of the car.

And not only is it super annoying, but it’s completely counterproductive, because the SECOND it happens? I turn the volume down to the lowest possible point that you can turn it before it’s actually all the way off. That way, I can tell when the commercial is OVER, but I can’t actually HEAR it. Which is precisely the OPPOSITE RESULT that the stupid commercial people wanted when they blasted their stupid commercials so loud in the first place.

Anyway, I hate that. And I thought you should know.

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  • Tina B

    I have Sirius/XM radio in my car, so no commercials on the radio. However, the television industry is notorious for doing this exact same thing with commercials! It’s gotten so that I hardly ever watch anything live because the commercials blast us out of the couch! It’s awful!! I’m with you on the hating part, Mock!

  • Junebug

    If I didn’t have a remote with a MUTE button I wouldn’t watch TV. When I sit down to relax and turn it on suddenly all these ads with people screaming at me to buy this car or whatever, promoting a drug that has the same side effects, soliciting insurance/law services, etc…I cringe but my most favorite invasion into my livingroom is the woman telling me “it’s about time to talk about what goes on in the bathroom” and in your home products is the stick strip on the menses pad that tells me to “Have a Happy Period”…I think the advertising whores are on crack.

  • Mockarena

    Tina B – Sirius/XM is the WORST!!! That’s what I was listening to, in fact. There are gobs of commercials, at least on the talk radio channels. And the one that makes me the maddest is the commercial for Sirius/XM itself, which makes that iPhone sound when you get a text, and so I’m constantly thinking someone has texted me when in fact it was that stupid commercial.


  • sunnyAZ

    I do the same thing with the volume in the radio and the mute button on the TV is my friend.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I hate it as well. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t immediately turn down or mute advertisements on both TV and radio. When are ad agencies going to wise up and realize they’re turning off their listeners and being totally counterproductive? Makes no sense.

  • DirectorEvil
  • Junebug

    Wasn’t a noise level law supposed to begin soon to keep the audio level the same as the program?

  • WakeUp

    Is it the ad agency or the TV/Radio station at fault? I hate it too…. but don’t really know who to blame :/

  • Tina B

    Mock, I don’t listen to the talk shows on Sirius/XM, so that’s why I wasn’t aware of that issue. The only non-music channels we listen to are the comedy ones, and aside from the few silly commercials, including the self-promotion one for the radio service (which always leaves me wondering why they play it) we don’t tend to get commercials on it, as it’s supposed to be “commercial free radio”. The music stations don’t have paid commercials.

    I would write to them and complain if I were you. I just received a request to answer a questionnaire about their service, and I can mention the change in volume as well. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, right?