Let’s Talk SAG Award Dresses

First of all, can we all just agree that Angelina Jolie NEEDS A FREAKING SANDWICH???

Secondly, it’s pointless to even talk about anyone else except George Clooney’s girlfriend, who is positively stunning and chooses award show dresses better than anyone else in the world.

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  • So Cal Mom

    My first thought-I didn’t even read your comment first!- was, “OMG! Angie looks like a bobble head doll or Q-tip”. However…Brad looks kind of bobble headed to me in this shot, too, so maybe it’s also a bad camera angle?

    Oh yeah- George looks fantastic! Of course!!! đŸ™‚ His GF does, too & yes i LOVE that dress!

  • Sparky

    Imagine being her child, and being poked in the eye with that bone that sticks out of her wrist. Ick. She is not a snuggly mommy at ALL.

  • http://www.facebook.com/hannibalschlechter Olivia J. Snarkypants

    I think pretty much the whole cast of The Help looked fantastic. I loved Viola Davis’s dress, but she looked just a teeny bit too busty for it. Overall, she was probably my favorite look.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Looks like Angelina is losing weight for her next role. She’s evidently playing a corpse.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Make that a sandwich made out of a dozen Krispy Kremes topped off with three Big Macs. Jeepers. And I agree I thought Stacy Keibler looked stunning.

  • Junebug

    Definately a camera angle accounts for some of the view of the Bradalinas but she looks very unhealthy. Remember when she an her ex were drinking each other’s blood? UGH!

  • Gail

    Love, love, love that black lace dress. I missed the red carpet so I will have to go back and look at all the pictures to see who wore what. And Angelina is looking scary skinny in that picture, although it does look like a strange camera angle.

  • Bone

    She needs a cookie, stat.

  • rkwhyte2

    Oh my they both have heads too big for their bodies and yes she really needs to eat something anything Geez. The second photo makes up for the first as George looks good and normal and his GF is very easy on the eyes.

  • Janice

    I think I got the whole George Clooney thing. But, I completely think I am over it. It kinda disgusts me that he has all these beautiful women, refuses to commit, then dumps them. He’s not THAT hot. When you have the awesomeness that is Ryan Reynolds (one example) I think George is at the end of his reign as Hollywood’s McHotty. Just sayin. Stacy Keibler is SO stunning, Georgie is kinda highlighted as a short frumpy old man. Anyone else think so?

    I like Brad Pitt with long hair. But Brad is aging, too. I don’t know if anyone will age as well as my favorite Scottish hotty… Officially OFF the Clooney bandwagon. Ladies, that’s one less woman to compete with. Enjoy, lol.

  • genetics73

    Correction: Angelina Jolie needs not one sandwich, but two.

  • Hannah955

    Janice, I am so with you on George Clooney. I think he’s amazing BUT, I have heard that he practically has new girlfriends sign contracts with him agreeing (a) he will never get married (b) he will never have children and (c) he will not help their careers. Seems kind of cold-blooded, almost like an employment contract. And I think he has an “at will” termination clause in there too, because he seems to drop them very suddenly and move on.

    Is your favorite Scottish hottie Sean Connery? I have a photo of my mom with him in London in the 1950’s they were friends/neighbors and hung out at the same actor’s club!