This makes me laugh SO HARD.

When Mini Mock was a wee thing, probably around a year old or so, I tried that timeless trick parents always try, when they have their tiny tot taste a lemon. Because the facial expressions are always hilarious.

Mini Mock, it turns out, LOVED lemons, and I never got the sour face. So this totally makes up for it.

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  • sunnyAZ

    I got a similar face the first time my kids got baby food meats…. ha ha ha! Oh, then there was the time I had them try brusselsprouts, I told them that they were baby lettuce….it didn’t go over well. My bad!

  • burning eyeballs

    My kid loves lemons too…but grapefruit was another story. Yeas I did what you are thinking with similar results. đŸ™‚

  • Ricci

    Hilarious!! My mother-in-law decided to start my baby on veggies with spinach on an afternoon visit to her house. Not Funny!! For like three days, not funny. Watching Dad change one was, though.