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I love silverware humor.  🙂

I Need This To Be Me

I want to trade places with that dude for precisely as long as it would take for me to be nuzzled and cuddled by lions, and then immediately trade back before the lions did something lion-y like eat my face off.

This Is Why Cats Are Awesome

You cannot deny the entertainment value of a cat and a plastic grocery bag.


This dam is crying.

You Know What I Hate?

I hate that radio commercials are like 10x as loud as whatever radio program you happen to be listening to.

It seriously ENRAGES ME when I’m happily and contentedly listening to a radio program, with the volume just exactly where I like it, and then ALL OF A SUDDEN OUT OF NOWHERE a commercial comes on and practically blasts my speakers right out of the car.

And not only is it super annoying, but it’s completely counterproductive, because the SECOND it happens? I turn the volume down to the lowest possible point that you can turn it before it’s actually all the way off. That way, I can tell when the commercial is OVER, but I can’t actually HEAR it. Which is precisely the OPPOSITE RESULT that the stupid commercial people wanted when they blasted their stupid commercials so loud in the first place.

Anyway, I hate that. And I thought you should know.

Let’s Talk SAG Award Dresses

First of all, can we all just agree that Angelina Jolie NEEDS A FREAKING SANDWICH???

Secondly, it’s pointless to even talk about anyone else except George Clooney’s girlfriend, who is positively stunning and chooses award show dresses better than anyone else in the world.

I Hope Our New Dog Does This

Still no word on when we get a new dog, but when we do, I hope it does this:


This Is Why You Should Avoid The Internet When Seeking A Medical Diagnosis

I mean, I totally do it too.  The second my kids or I have any sort of symptom of ANYTHING, I immediately go online to determine what horrible affliction we’ve come down with.  And that usually results in something like this:

A Little Somethin’ For The Ladies

You’re welcome.

Worst. Wedding Photo. EVER.

Seriously what would compel a photographer to even come UP with such a ridiculous idea?  WHAT IS THAT THOUGHT PROCESS?

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