Most Awesome Tooth Extractor EVER

Mini Mock’s top front teeth are getting loose. I’m going to have to remember this extraction method.

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  • Victor


  • Mamabear

    What a cute kid!! Love it!

  • ER

    If Mini decides to go that route, I hope you video tape the cuteness!

  • tep1031

    More fun than the old slam-the-door method.

  • sunnyAZ

    Awesome, what a great idea!

  • Tina B

    What a clever version of the old string and doorknob trick! Just be sure his tooth is very loose before attempting this method, or he’s going to be one very unhappy Mini Mock.

    I’ve had 5 kids, and our most creative way to lose one was when my daughter bit into a piece of pizza and her tooth fell out. She fainted dead away when she saw the blood! I also work at a school and one year, in the lunchroom, the funniest way I saw a kid lose a tooth was when he bit into a corndog and was starting to freak out about where his tooth went. I found it stuck IN the corndog!! đŸ˜€