It’s Not Too Late, Mockdockers

I know you’re probably feeling really bad about the fact that your Christmas presents to me are late this year. It’s been a tough economy, so I’ve been VERY GENEROUS in forgiving you all for your tardiness.

For those of you who have been agonizing over what to get me and haven’t even BOUGHT ANYTHING YET, I would like to demonstrate my incredible generosity by offering you a suggestion about what you could get me.

I need this shower:

I won’t ruin the fun by suggesting where you might buy me this shower, because I know that you want to put at least SOME thought and effort into your gift for me.

I appreciate that, and look forward to receiving all of your presents any day now.


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  • Buckeye Bob

    I purchased this for you but could not take the chance it would not work as advertised. I installed it in my shower to undergo rigorous testing to insure it will meet the high quality standards you would expect. It would be irresponsible to approve it at this point in time as it has not gone through sufficient testing to meet the demanding triple A Buckeye rating as all items passing my requirements. If and when it passes all testing, I will package it and ship it to you for your enjoyment. Keep in mind the testing schedule for this item is quite lengthy and it may be quite some time for final approval.
    So far it is freaking awesome! So you got that!

  • sunnyAZ

    Gee, and I thought my shower was great. Wow!

  • Jen

    Wait, does this mean I should return the Burberry coat I got you?

  • Nancy

    I need that shower too!

  • Junebug

    I’m sure you’ll understand that I did my best to try to get you one close to it. Pleeze enjoy.


  • Hatchetwoman

    Try hanging a bucket of water under the shower head. Fill it. Tip. Taaa-daaah!

    No need to thank me.