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Happy New Year’s Eve, Mockdockers

Here’s hoping you’re not spending your evening at one of these:

Mr. Mock and I are headed out to a 5-course dinner with good friends, and then off to drink and be merry and ATTEMPT to stay up until midnight.  These days, that is a stretch.  So we’ll see.

I wanna know about all of your fun plans!  SHARE!


This makes me indescribably happy.

Sexting. He’s Probably Not Doing It Right.

But I still like it!

This Is Basically The Best Celebrity Tweet Ever

Most Awesome Tooth Extractor EVER

Mini Mock’s top front teeth are getting loose. I’m going to have to remember this extraction method.

Jennifer The Weather Lady Has The Oddest Head Ever

The other day, Mr. Mock was watching our local weather report when he called me into the room to examine the weather woman’s hair.

“Look at her hair,” he said. So I did. And what I saw was this:

So I said, “It’s cute.” Because it is. It looks a lot like Daisy’s hair, in fact. But then Mr. Mock said, “Wait. Look at it from the SIDE.”

So I waited. And then I saw this:

And I said, “OMG WHAT IS HAPPENING” and he said, “I know! Her head is crazy long!”

Because she either has the most cone-shaped head of all time, or she is styling the back of her hair to LOOK like she has the most cone-shaped head of all time. And either way, I am baffled by it.

Here it is in action:

Why would someone purposefully style their hair this way? Why?

New Year’s Eve Eve Eve Hotness

I’m sure no one had the heart to tell her that her tank top was 18 sizes too small.

So perhaps she’ll see this posted here, and then she’ll know.

It’s like a Mock Dock PSA!

It’s Not Too Late, Mockdockers

I know you’re probably feeling really bad about the fact that your Christmas presents to me are late this year. It’s been a tough economy, so I’ve been VERY GENEROUS in forgiving you all for your tardiness.

For those of you who have been agonizing over what to get me and haven’t even BOUGHT ANYTHING YET, I would like to demonstrate my incredible generosity by offering you a suggestion about what you could get me.

I need this shower:

I won’t ruin the fun by suggesting where you might buy me this shower, because I know that you want to put at least SOME thought and effort into your gift for me.

I appreciate that, and look forward to receiving all of your presents any day now.




See What Happens?

Video Game Playing Frog Wants More – Watch MoreFunny Videos

You can’t just go around creating video games that appeal to frogs and then expect frogs to behave.

I thought everyone knew that.

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