Ashley Judd Is A Terrible Actress.

This is perfect evidence:

Ashley Judd might be really bad at a lot of things, but one thing she’s not bad at is self-promotion.  Someone as self-involved and self-interested and self-absorbed and self-centered and selfish as Ashley Judd knows full well that putting something on Twitter and calling it a “secret” is basically the best way to promote it EVER.

So FYI, mockdockers.  She’s writing another book with all sorts of “sacred narratives” from all sorts of girls.  And it’s likely to be FILLED with sentences that do not end in prepositions.

I know you’re as excited as I am.

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  • Sarah

    That last line made me smile.

  • Anonymous

    wait, what’s the deal with prepositions and her?

  • Mockarena
  • Mockarena
  • formerly jim

    Will her book come with crayons or do we have to buy them seperately?

  • Junebug


  • Polish_Princess

    Holy mother of God.

  • Herbert Stempel

    Saw Ashley Judd last night in the movie “Kiss the Girls”. She was horrible, no presence at all, nothing sounded believable that came out of her mouth. In the scenes of her and Morgan Freeman, it was like he was in the scene by himself.

    Anyone that calls this bimbo an actress needs to have their head examined or even more painfully, be forced to watch some of her movies. Why is this bitch so successful.

  • Jay

    Welcome Herbert! In checking out the post you commented on, it’s interesting that here we are, 2 years later – and no book! The title of the post says it all.