The Worst Kiss You Will Ever See Ever

I get that they were excited – since it was their first kiss and all. BUT HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP you would think they would have thought through how they might do this beforehand.


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  • Buckeye Bob

    Looked like a couple of cats eating. I hope that was some kind of joke.

  • Mamabear

    Oh my gosh. If that’s the kissing just imagine what the wedding night will be like. *shudder*

  • sunnyAZ

    OMG, Mamabear, I don’t want to even go there…..shudder!

  • Tina B

    She looked like a hamster getting a drink from its waterbottle. Imagine the awkwardness of their first night. Many giggles with occur, I’m sure!!:-)

  • Rachel
  • sunnyAZ

    @ Rachael. OMG, less chewing….LMAO!

  • cousin-in-law

    Of all the stuff you post, and some of it is horrific, for some reason this one makes me want to hurl the most.

  • punky

    I feel embarrassed for them!