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Ashley Judd Is A Terrible Actress.

This is perfect evidence:

Ashley Judd might be really bad at a lot of things, but one thing she’s not bad at is self-promotion.  Someone as self-involved and self-interested and self-absorbed and self-centered and selfish as Ashley Judd knows full well that putting something on Twitter and calling it a “secret” is basically the best way to promote it EVER.

So FYI, mockdockers.  She’s writing another book with all sorts of “sacred narratives” from all sorts of girls.  And it’s likely to be FILLED with sentences that do not end in prepositions.

I know you’re as excited as I am.

This Is What “Originality” Looks Like

This is Courtney Stodden expressing her desire to be original, and bring back “Old Hollywood.”


Attention Townspeople: This Is An Example Of Clothes That Do Not Fit Properly.


Celebrity Photos

I think that’s a better photo of him than this one:

This Is A Really Good Question

I would think both would be frowned upon.


Does this creature have teeth?

Also, is that a bruise on her chest or HAIR?


This Was TOTALLY Me Last Night

Do you ever have those nights where ALL YOU WANT TO DO is sleep but you can’t because you can’t shut your brain off?  That was totally my night last night.  And it wasn’t even like I had anything in particular about which to be concerned or about which to be worried or by which to be preoccupied or with which to be consumed.  <–(That is how Ashley Judd would describe it, because of her obsession with not ending sentences in prepositions).  It’s just that my brain was acting like I’d just consumed 5 Red Bulls, even though the rest of me was desperately interested in being kinda comatose.

Anyway, my point is that I’m tired.

Here’s a moist owlet.

The Worst Kiss You Will Ever See Ever

I get that they were excited – since it was their first kiss and all. BUT HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP you would think they would have thought through how they might do this beforehand.



Pure awesome.

This Palm Tree Is SHOCKED

And I don’t know about you all, but I will take a surprised palm tree over a judgmental giraffe any day of the week.

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