This Tree Needs Therapy

Awww.  Poor, sad, depressed tree.  He could use some Ashley Judd style therapy.


Then again, I’d be willing to bet that the tree is more emotionally stable than Ashley Judd.


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  • KimGee

    Great picture of the tree! As for Ashley Judd, does EVERYTHING have to be about her? Apparently, in her world, it does.

  • Buckeye Bob

    The tree wasn’t that sad until you put it into a post with Assly Dudd.
    I wish she would just STFU. I’m convinced she has mental issues.

  • Lori E.

    Really?? Maybe she could share some of her magical healing with Dan’s wife and kids. The people truly traumatized by the accident. What. A. Selfish. Dope.

  • sunnyAZ

    Yep, it is all about her…..sheesh!

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Just get a greenie to go give it a hug. 😉

  • formerly jim

    EMDR? Extreme Mental DeRangement?

  • burning eyeballs

    Everyone beat me to it. GAWD she is a selfish jerk!

  • Kathy

    Who the hell talks like that!!!