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This Bride Cares Deeply About The Sacred Union Into Which She Is About To Enter

Wouldn’t anyone you care about getting a text from pretty much BE at your wedding already?


This Is Especially For Daisy

Because she LOATHES Uggs. And clearly, so does whoever made this awesome video.

Most Unbelievable Hair Ever

I mean that is some seriously epic mullet magic right there.

Best Shoe Repair Sign EVER


This Person Is VERY SERIOUS About Naps.

I submit to you that this would be a good deterrent.

I’m Guessing This Realtor Got A Lot Of Calls


Incredibly Helpful Chart

If you’ve ever wanted to know what your Batman name is, look no further. I present to you, this handy dandy chart to help you.

Seriously, WHAT WOULD YOU DO without The Mock Dock?


If you like fashion, then you’ll think this is cool. If you don’t like fashion, but you like dancing, you will still think this is cool. If you don’t like fashion or dancing, but you like videos that have music from 100 years worth of time in them, you’ll probably still think this is cool.

If you don’t think this is at least somewhat cool, then you just wasted a lot of time reading this and/or watching the above video.

Good job.

This Is EXACTLY How I Feel About Winter

And it’s well under way in some parts of the country already.  We’re still in the low 50’s with sunshine here in Indy, but elsewhere?  SNOW.

And here’s the thing that sucks about winter.  It lasts for like 6 months here.  You’ll get a nice day teaser every now in then in April, but it’s not really NOT winter until like mid-June.


This Tree Needs Therapy

Awww.  Poor, sad, depressed tree.  He could use some Ashley Judd style therapy.


Then again, I’d be willing to bet that the tree is more emotionally stable than Ashley Judd.


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