As if I didn’t already hate turtles enough, I find THIS one totally JUDGING ME.

And he’s not alone.  I found a disapproving lamp too.

This must be some sort of sign that I am looking in the wrong places for pictures to mock.

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  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Does someone have a guilty conscience? 🙂 That turtle is too cute.

  • Kathy

    That turtle is totally pissed. The lamp is soooooo judging you Mock.

  • So Cal Mom

    HA HA! i agree w/Kathy on the turtle. I was thinking “how could a lamp be disapproving?” Then i scrolled farther down and just cracked up! I LOVE that you noticed that in the lamp!!! 🙂

  • Nancy

    I love the disapproving lamp…ha!

  • Buckeye Bob

    I can’t believe you put a picture up of a turtle. Can’t you picture him crawling under your bed tonight. He will wait until morning when you get up and ass soon as your feet hit the floor he bites down on your toes. Think about that as you go to bed later. Dream about it. A stalking turtle under your bed. Sweet dreams 🙂