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How Do They Make A Life?

There are no words to express my adoration for this guy. I love how perplexed he is about Daddy Longlegs. I love that he spends over two minutes expressing just how mystified he is about them. I never really gave them much thought, but he is TOTALLY RIGHT.

LOVE LOVE LOVE Sweet Proposals

Downtown Disney Flash Mob Proposal – Watch MoreFunny Videos

I could not love this any harder. LOVE.

Ladies (And Gay Dudes) This Is For YOU.

Obviously, since I’m not a guy, I won’t be product testing this. But I will be watching this video very very very very carefully, repeatedly, in case there are aspects of it that require further study and investigation.

The Curse Of Top Gun

And this doesn’t even INCLUDE Meg Ryan.  And we all know how THAT turned out.

Clearly, there was some sort of bad-aging chemical on that movie set.  And they ALL came into contact with it.

Ashley Judd’s Steps To “Minding Your Emotional Shop.”

Seriously, this chick is wack. I mean, it’s beyond wack at this point.

Draw with your non-dominant hand, do a 6-day OR weekend healing workshop, and MASTER YOUR OWN TRAUMA, you guys.  There you have it.


As if I didn’t already hate turtles enough, I find THIS one totally JUDGING ME.

And he’s not alone.  I found a disapproving lamp too.

This must be some sort of sign that I am looking in the wrong places for pictures to mock.

What Is The Point Of This?

Other than making me think these guys are total idiots?

Because I fail to see the point.

I Will Not Product Test This

The frock you see pictured above is made in part from 3000 cow and yak NIPPLES.

Seriously, what kind of a lunatic do you have to be to COME UP with this idea?

Apparently, you have to be the kind that Rachel Freirelast is, because she came up it.  And the name of her collection?  Nippleocalypse.  Because OF COURSE.  She said, “They really make you aware of the animal itself.  I create fashion using material that would otherwise end up on the scrap heap. What I am doing is recycling. The people criticising are clearly clueless about the amount of leather wasted on a daily basis.”

I suppose I can see her point, except for the fact that no one with Actual Brains should want to put on clothing made from animal nipples.



She’s better at it than I am.

I’m Guessing This Dude Is Single

EMBED-Steroid Freakout – Watch more free videos

OMG. The 50 second mark until the end? WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL.

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