Happiest Purse Ever!

I defy you, in fact,  to find me a happier purse.

Off topic, but guess what!  Mini-Mock lost TWO TEETH in the span of 12 hours.  Look how cute!

The tooth fairy left him $5, and this morning he said, “I didn’t even HEAR her!!”  So cute.

His big boy teeth are already sprouting behind where the baby teeth were, and this is really good because they are further back – significantly so – which will hopefully counteract the underbite he’s been sporting ever since he was teeny tiny.

My little bulldog and his toothular milestones.  Weepy glees. 🙂

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  • Rob

    That’s not what comes to mind when I think of pursed lips.

  • Buckeye Bob

    This one is happier! Well at least it makes me happier. And speaking of pursed lips!

  • Nancy

    Ugh BB!

    I love the Tooth Fairy stage..

  • burning eyeballs


    Mini Mock…not the purse!