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There Comes A Point In Time…

…where you just need to own and embrace your baldness. I’d say that time has long passed in this instance:

He should not only embrace his baldness, he should embrace the idea of losing the steel wool that seems to attached itself to the lower portion of his skullular area.

Question.  If you’re going to get a toupee of any sort, why would you get one that a) is not the same color as your Actual Hair and b) appears to be something removed from the filter of a vacuum?

Happiest Purse Ever!

I defy you, in fact,  to find me a happier purse.

Off topic, but guess what!  Mini-Mock lost TWO TEETH in the span of 12 hours.  Look how cute!

The tooth fairy left him $5, and this morning he said, “I didn’t even HEAR her!!”  So cute.

His big boy teeth are already sprouting behind where the baby teeth were, and this is really good because they are further back – significantly so – which will hopefully counteract the underbite he’s been sporting ever since he was teeny tiny.

My little bulldog and his toothular milestones.  Weepy glees. 🙂

You Know What?

I think I’ll just take her word for it.

Tuesday Afternoon Hottie – Another One For The Ladies

He’s…..FLEXIBLE.  So, you know, we have that.


You know you have some boobular area issues when you could wear bikini bottoms AS A ONE PIECE.

Not suggesting this woman is doing that, but she COULD.  Those puppies could literally be tucked into a waistband.

Ladies, This Is For You

Admit it.  You want him.  Him and his giant marble.

How To Tell If You Need A Bigger Size Shoe

If your foot looks like this in a shoe, you need a bigger size.  FYI.

And so concludes my Sunday helpfulness.

Your Sunday Morning Bleavage

(Back Cleavage)

She’s even got inner thigh cleavage too!  Thleavage.

I think I can safely speak for everyone when I say THANK THE LORD there is no frontal view of this woman.


Best Answer To A Test Question EVER.


Remember The Screwnicorn?

Remember how I told you guys about that awesome website called and introduced you to their fabulous Screwnicorn product?

Well, an alert and astute mockdocker sent me their latest product advertisement, and it is basically a huge pile of awesome.

Soooo inappropriately awesome. And under $30!! I am so getting this as a gift for SOMEONE. I don’t know who yet, but SOMEONE.

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