Sorry for being all non-posty today, mockdockers, but it was Indy 500 day, and I was there with Mr. Mock to soak up all the festivities. And this year, the B2 bomber, which is my MOST FAVORITE PIECE OF MACHINERY ON THE PLANET, did the flyover. I cannot express to you the amount of love I have for that spectacular plane. Seeing it in person always gives me the weepy glees. I don’t know why, exactly, the weeps come, but they do. I think because it’s the same for me as seeing something incredibly beautiful or hearing an amazing singer – I just get overcome with emotion from those things.

Yes. I am a cheeseball.

So I weepygleed over that, and then I got the weeps over Taps, which I ALWAYS get, because there is just something totally magnificent about 350,000 people becoming utterly and completely SILENT when Taps is being played by a single trumpet.

Kelly Clarkson and Seal sang the National Anthem as a duet, which I was kinda worried would be a hot mess but actually turned out to be ok. Parts of it were, in fact, quite nice. But I still will always prefer the National Anthem being sung the way it was originally written. I’m a traditionalist like that.

Anyway, it was a fun but exhausting day. And best of all? Ashley’s husband didn’t win, which meant that we were all spared what would have inevitably been a long diatribe from her in a post race interview. YAY!

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  • Jen

    We sang “America the Beautiful” last night at church, and I was completely overcome with emotion. Total weepy glees. Sometimes there just aren’t words…

    Also totally with ya on not singing the national anthem as though you’re auditioning for American Idol. My favorite is when it’s sung by military choirs in 4-part harmony. My least favorite is when it’s sung by anyone who incorporates vocal gymnastics…THE NATIONAL ANTHEM IS NOT ABOUT YOU, SHOW SOME RESPECT, ASSHAT.


  • sunnyAZ

    I, too, was VERY happy that Ashley’s husband didn’t win……..we were spared this year!

  • Rachel

    Too bad you didn’t run into her — you’ve could’ve gotten a picture together! 😉

  • Brenda from IL

    Did you see the pre-race story on Dario that they aired right before the race? I never realized that he was from Scotland and has a really sexy accent…..and he’s hot.

    BUT, he married her, so he must be a real dumb*ss. (and masochistic)

    Anyways, her interview was so annoying, and of course, the subject was brought around to her, as usual. Something about Dario having parking spaces in his heart, and he has one for her, but the others are full of cars. I kid you not.

  • Mockarena

    I did, Brenda! I heard about all the parking spaces. 🙂

    I will never ever ever understand how he tolerates her.

  • Brenda from IL

    Ditto, Mock. Completely mind boggling. She’s off-the-charts weird.

  • Anonymous

    Look at this picture of Ashley from last night’s awards:

    Terrifically awful!

  • Mockarena

    OMG THAT IS AWESOME. And it looks like she has a penis, which makes it even more awesome.


  • Anonymous

    I know, Mock. The penis part makes the picture terribly delicious!!

  • sunnyAZ

    When I saw the picture and that she had what seemed to be a penis, I laughed so hard! I can just imagine how hard you laughed, Mock! Thanks for sharing Anonymous.