More People Who Enjoy Cats

Hey – remember when I posted that photo of the couple who really enjoy cats?

They could totally be friends with these people.

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  • ER

    I feel sorry for the baby!

  • R

    This is who that other couple can only aspire to be. You know they’re the freaks who see every single showing of Cats and the Lion King (and re-enact their favorite scenes at home), but they’ve gone waaaaaay beyond kitty tights and a cat—hell, they’re probably using this photo to prove that they’re giving birth to a litter of tabbies and calicos any day. (I wonder if their obsession began in junior high with an uncommon love for the Stray Cats.)

  • Buckeye Bob

    Do you think she got that way via “Doggy Style”
    They could never keep friends due to them “rubbing all over the company’s legs”
    Also had trouble keeping maids. Something to do with that darn litter box!

  • Pict13

    How much you want to bet they call the baby “Kitty” or “Kitten”?

  • Jim

    Oh Mock, don’t tell me poor Bunny doesn’t like cats and you’re giving her a double whammy.