This Chick Is A Moron

Seriously – if you are too stupid to realize that you probably shouldn’t wear that “dress” to a HIGH SCHOOL PROM, then you shouldn’t even be allowed to be in high school. And judging by Marche’s less-than-stellar communication skills, she’s probably better suited to several more years of middle school anyway.

Hey Marche – stop AXING people questions about your dress and your prom, and try opening a BOOK.


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  • Buckeye Bob

    Rules be rules and you gots to be following them.

  • el pato

    gee, her parents must be so proud of her.
    i hope she has the phrase, “would you like fries wit dat”?
    down pat.

  • jen

    Since this was in 2008, I would love to see a follow up of where she is now.

  • Gypsy

    She signed the prom guidelines form the school handed out in order to go to prom, didn’t follow them, got told to go home and change. Created her own consequences. Further googling reveals that she lived with her grandmother, and she apparently didn’t have a problem with the dress. But I guess she could have gotten her money back because she never got in.

  • sunnyAZ

    Yet another idiot that blames everyone else for her problems.

  • tim

    Future porn star/stripper. I wonder what she had in mind for her evening?