No one should be able to do this. And by able, I mean allowed.


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  • Buckeye Bob

    Reminds me of when dogs drag their ass across the floor.

  • CA

    Couldn’t stopped watching….then I came to the conclusion…no need to be THAT limber.

  • Pict13

    Ewww. It’s like two wiggly eels attached to her. Yuck.

  • cas-96

    lol Bob. This just made my knees hurt.

  • Mikey

    gif Linda Blair’s head on this girl and this could pass as a never before seen scene from The Exorcist.

  • Jim

    Ease up n the poor lady. She’s just bumming around!

  • WakeUp

    Kind of reminds me of the baby Mock posted that scooted across the floor in a similar fashion… Perhaps both are half extra terrestrial.

  • burning eyeballs