Do. Not. Get.

If someone could explain the purpose of these boots, that’d be great.

Meantime, you should all know that today was a Very Important Day, because Daisy, Leroy and I, along with two other chicks, booked a Chick Trip to Vegas in July, to celebrate Daisy’s 40th birthday, and I’m telling you that it is going to be EPIC FUN.  Like – the kind of fun that results in tigers and chickens in our hotel room. And reactions from people like this:


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  • CA

    I don’t know how you chicks got your husband’s to allow you to ditch them for this awesome celebration, but remember to behave, because pay back can be a b*tch!……in heels!

  • Hatchetwoman

    I suspect I’ll be only one bitchy enough to mock Ashley’s supposed abuse stories, but it wouldn’t be the first time I do something that makes everyone else gasp and look away …

    She’s claiming that her “abuse” consisted of being sent as a teenager, alone, to some foreign country to model, and AMAZINGLY, some older men tried to have their way with her! Yeah, THAT hasn’t happened to any other teenaged model shipped by her star-struck, dopey parents to try to get her big break. Then she got into a cab and the cabbie tried it!

    But this is the one that really gets me … she had surpressed memories you guys! Yeah, the most UNRELIABLE kind of accusation, and she’s accusing a family member!

    She also seems to have been traumatized by hearing her mother screaming and moaning in the sack with one of her boyfriends. Jealous, perhaps, Ash? (Stop me if I’m getting too catty)

    There’s all these people praising how filled with joy she is considering her “horrific” childhood. What a load of crap.

  • Victor
  • Mockarena

    Hatchetwoman – Daisy and I were saying the EXACT SAME STUFF this morning. It’s as if she is using every example of a guy hitting on her as an example of traumatizing sexual abuse. She’s ridiculous. REEEEEdiculous. It’s the same kind of ridiculousness as when she went on a radio show to complain how “gross” mens’ magazines which sexualize women are (FHM voted her the sexiest woman or something and she was offended by it) and then like two minutes later she posed topless on the cover of Marie Claire. Hello.


  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    Despite reading the real story in Victor’s link, I’m thinking the real reason for the boots is because they have toenails like this:

  • sunnyAZ

    Ashley, Ashley, Ashley, don’t even get me started you wack job! Have a great weekend, Mock!

  • tim

    I thought the shoes had something to do with Perez Hilton and a happy ending.

  • Buckeye Bob

    I guess if you’re going to put a boot in someones ass, those would be the ones to wear.

  • mga

    here i thought they were a newer version of PRFC’ers.