So Weird!

Daisy and I were having this EXACT SAME CONVERSATION at lunch the other day.

Seriously, I want to squeeze the bejeezus out of these toddlers. SO CUTE.

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  • Daisy

    That is EPIC in its awesomeness. Love.

  • sunnyAZ

    Too cute!

  • JMD

    I’ve read about this twin speak before and oddly enough there is an article in my paper today…! Even weider.

  • burning eyeballs

    Cracks me up! they totally understand each other!!!!!

  • The Captain…

    I thought that was a video of a wife and husband, since the one on the left did 90% of the talking, and the one on the right just wanted his sock back and to be let out of his corner.

    The Captain…
    Loyal Defender of Daisy, Dandelion and Clan Mock

  • Nancy

    I am a twin. The discussion is that the one on the right wants his sock back, and the one on the left is giving him all sorts of reasons as to why he can’t give the sock back…..naturally, the child on the right isn’t buying it….in fact, he thinks it is darn hilarious….

    I am a twin, really.

  • Mikey

    the kid on the left might have a future (now) as a stand-up comedian for toddlers.

  • mamabear

    So cute!!

  • cas-96

    teehee Captain, that was a good run down of the conversation.

  • Dani

    Apparently the twin wearing the striped socks is quite funny! I LOVE baby laughs. They are the best medicine đŸ™‚