Awww – this kid wrote a song to ask a girl to the prom. Total sweetness.

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  • Chris

    My niece was asked out via cake lol! The kid gave her a cake on Valentines Day – shaped like a heart – with the word Prom? on it. It was pretty cute! She said no one just asks anymore – that you have to find a creative way!

  • http://themockdock.com Punky

    There’s a boy whose mother raised him right! Imagine what he’ll do when he asks a woman to marry him!!

  • ER

    That was so sweet.

  • burning eyeballs


  • april h

    That was so adorable! And what a brave kid- high school is so brutal- imagine if she had said “no”, the ridicule he would have faced! Good for him for putting it all out there