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An alert and astute mockdocker sent me this video of a SEVENTY TWO YEAR OLD bodybuilding exercise chick, and normally I love older people because of how cute and puny and wee they are, but I love THIS woman because she is pure awesome, and because I’m kinda afraid that if I didn’t love her, she could seriously kick my ass.

Amazing. Absolutely amazing physique and skin and complexion. She’s just phenomenal-looking. LOVE HER.

Do. Not. Get.

If someone could explain the purpose of these boots, that’d be great.

Meantime, you should all know that today was a Very Important Day, because Daisy, Leroy and I, along with two other chicks, booked a Chick Trip to Vegas in July, to celebrate Daisy’s 40th birthday, and I’m telling you that it is going to be EPIC FUN.  Like – the kind of fun that results in tigers and chickens in our hotel room. And reactions from people like this:



No one should be able to do this. And by able, I mean allowed.


Man/Goose Love

I love this story. I’m not generally a fan of big geese, because they creep me out a little, but I like Maria.

If I were that dude, though, I’d keep an eye out for boiling bunnies, because Maria seems like she could totally go Fatal Attraction at any moment.


Haaaaiiii Kittaaaaaaaay!!!!

I totally want to befriend whoever created and captioned this photo.  LOVE.


Does any guy on the planet actually like these kinds of girls?

So Weird!

Daisy and I were having this EXACT SAME CONVERSATION at lunch the other day.

Seriously, I want to squeeze the bejeezus out of these toddlers. SO CUTE.

Mock’s Tip O’ The Day

You should really double and triple check who you’re texting before you text people.

That, or you should use Actual Names in your contact list, instead of “Ex.”

After Careful Deliberation….

….I have decided to share with you one of Ashley Judd’s weekend tweets. I debated about it, because I didn’t want to be the reason some of you closet Ashley-lovers ended up following her, but then I thought, “No – this is the kind of tweet that ought to be shared.”

Don’t misunderstand, I do NOT follow her. I simply LOOK at her twitter page from time to time, to see if there is anything which is particularly mockable. When I first saw this tweet, I thought, “GOD – that is SO TYPICAL ASHLEY.” And then I thought maybe it was just me who saw the annoying-ness of it, because I’m so hypersensitive to all the annoying stuff she does. But then, an alert and astute mockdocker ALSO forwarded the tweet to me, saying, “I think you’ll appreciate this Ashley Judd gem from twitter.” And I knew I wasn’t alone. And Daisy agreed that I should mock it as well.

So here you go, mockdockers:

“Imagine how fun it is to be me,” she said.  How much do you want to punch her in the face right now?  Look.  She’s even giving you a bindi target in this photo (although I like that it’s blurry because instead of looking like a bindi – which is annoying on its own – it looks like a giant zit.)

Catty? Yup.  It’s what I do. 😉


Awww – this kid wrote a song to ask a girl to the prom. Total sweetness.

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