It Might Not Stop Icepocalypse…

…but you have to smile at a dachsund taking a bath, with one of my favorite songs in the background.

We are in the midst of an ice storm that is supposed to be EPIC. Like – they’re expecting power lines to come down and trees to fall over and roads to be totally undriveable and frogs to rain from the sky etc. etc. It’s a total midwestern FREAKOUT.

I just got home from driving in it, because I was visiting a potential school for Mini-Mock. Picking a school is HARD, you guys, because each one you want to look at wants to charge you tons of money just to APPLY, and then if you don’t choose it, you lose that money. So essentially it could cost us like $2000 just to APPLY to schools. Ridiculous.

But my point is that I drove through the ice storm, and it wasn’t TOO awful. YET. Mr. Mock was scheduled to show up in a traffic court to fight a speeding ticket tomorrow about 1.5 hours north of here, where the storm is supposed to be much worse. Today, he called the court to see what the weather plan was, and they were all, “We’re open no matter what.” And Mr. Mock said, “Well, if a snow emergency is declared, and I know my truck won’t make it through piles of ice and snow, what will happen if I can’t get there?” And they said, “There will be a warrant for your arrest.”

I think that’s kind of excessive, and I’m pretty irritated that his options are limited to being arrested or trying to drive through treacherous conditions. You know what will probably happen? He’ll get a ticket on the way there for driving during a snow emergency. That would totally be our luck.

Listen you guys – all joking aside, the weather here is kinda freaky right now, and if you notice that nothing gets posted over the next day or so, it’s entirely possible it’s because I have no power. Just FYI.

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  • Tina B

    Hi Mock. Try to stay warm, safe and well fed during your epic ice storm.

    Around here, we just send our kids to regular public school, unless one is “rich” and then it’s one of the private schools. My philosophy has always been to save that big money for college rather than spend it on private grade school, but that’s just me. 🙂 Did you know that attending college or university is now upwards of $10K/year? That’s our cost here in state. I’ll have two in there this coming fall.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    AWWW that was too cute. I want a puppy now! And as a fellow Hoosier expecting to lose some vacation days this week due to Icepocalypse, I can attest to the total freakout going on. Luckily I’m well stocked in bread, peanut butter, tuna fish and Swiss Rolls. Gotta have Swiss Rolls in an ice storm. It’s a rule. 😉

  • Wiz of ID

    I want to hug that pup in an “easy Lenny” type of way!! And the music is perfect! Stay safe and warm out there.

  • Rachel

    My husband works in a grocery store in Indiana, ROP — he is DREADING tomorrow and the “OMG!! How will we survive without bread and milk?!” stampede that is sure to come through.

  • Reminiscent_of_Purple

    I bet he is, Rachel. People who don’t normally eat bread OR milk go rushing to the store to buy them before a storm. I feel sorry for him.

  • ER

    Adorable video….warmed my whole morning. Stay safe Mock and Mr. Mock 🙂

  • CRDinTtown

    Adorable video! Here in Tulsa we are snowed in as well but fortunately not much ice. Here’s my 8″ dog running around in 13″ snow this morning (not including the drifts which are at least 2 feet by the house!)

    Enjoy your snow days!!

  • burning eyeballs

    Love that video…especially since I have a Dachshund!!!!