Jessica Simpson Looks…Tired.

I know this has nothing to do with Jessica Simpson, but you guys, on the way to Cincy today we got to stop at a Speedway gas station and GUESS WHAT KIND OF COFFEE I GOT?

Oatmeal Cookie.

Oatmeal Cookie flavored COFFEE.  And it was $.99 for TWENTY OUNCES.  It was pretty much the best thing I’ve ever tasted ever.

Jessica Simpson could use a cup or seven.  Full blast on the caffeine.

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  • Buckeye Bob

    That expression looks as if she’s about to bring something up. My guess would be dinner and a lot of alcohol.

  • BenderJ

    Mock – You need to try an oatmeal cookie shot! Baileys, butterscotch schnapps, and cinnamon schnapps.

    As for Jessica – This is the after effects of wearing Lady Gaga’s new perfume…

  • Punky

    Her extensions are looking pretty ratty.

  • sunnyAZspawn

    I agree with Bob

  • Gail

    Bender, that shot sounds like just what I need right now!