Grocery Shopping And Old People

I don’t know if I’ve told you that I am one of those impossibly lucky women who gets to be married to an impossibly awesome husband. Mr. Mock handles all of the grocery shopping, and most of the cooking at our house. And he’s one of those super friendly grocery shoppers who makes friends with all of the grocery store employees, and talks sports with the baggers and chit chats with the meat counter people and just in general spreads sunshine at the grocery store whenever he goes. Mr. Mock is also a very efficient shopper. He can do a full week’s shop super fast, because he’s uber organized and has a process and doesn’t stray from it.

Today was sort of unusual, because Mr. Mock decided to make a super special New Year’s Eve dinner, and so he went to the grocery store specifically to pick up some steaks and a few other things. And when he got to the meat counter, there was a person or two ahead of him, and so he patiently waited for his turn. Except that what happened is that a whole bunch of old people kept cutting in front of him and acting as though he didn’t even exist. Now, you know I have a huge soft spot for old people. But I’m not a fan of MEAN old people who cut in line and are rude to you. And those were the kind of old people who kept cutting in front of Mr. Mock.

Mr. Mock was getting kind of irritated, but he didn’t say anything right away. And then finally, he caught the eye of the meat manager, who realized what was happening. And the meat manager said to the meat counter workers, “Hey – this young man has been waiting patiently for several minutes now, and you’ve let a bunch of people cut in front of him. You need to serve him next.”

And so those mean old people who had been cutting in front of Mr. Mock turned and glared at him, as if it was Mr. Mock who had done something wrong. And so you know what Mr. Mock said? He said back to the meat manager, “No no – that’s ok. These people can go right ahead. They don’t have much time left.”

And with that, the meat manager doubled over in laughter, the mean old people glared some more, and Mr. Mock finally got his steak. Right from the meat manager, even.

Normally, I wouldn’t condone saying mean things to old people. But these people were jerks. It just goes to show you, old people might be super cute, but they’re not always nice.

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  • burning eyeballs

    Awesome snappy come back!!!


  • WakeUp

    Hahaha! Take that crabby, rude old people.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Wow, I just got back from the store and even posted a remark on FB about some of the clerks. While some are very efficient at their jobs, some like I had today should not be doing that kind of work. Moved like a turtle and dumb as a bag of rocks.

  • sunnyAZ

    Mr Mock is my idol! Way to go!!!!

  • pict13

    Mr. Mock has always seemed like a cool guy based on what you post about him, but that comment just bumped him up to awesome in my book.

  • Diana

    I work in a service-retail capacity, and I know exactly how some old people can behave, and even though I share your soft spot for the elderly…there are some that think that just because they made it to a hundred-fifty years old that they are entitled to get right in front of a line of people to get their lotto and scratchoffs and whatnot. It’s difficult to handle it, but I would dearly enjoy hearing Mr Mock say that to some of the old people I see every day.

  • Wendy

    Bob, hubby & I have a saying that helps us be patient in light of dumb-as-rocks clerks…

    “if they COULD do anything better, they WOULD”

    working in a grocery store (or McDonald’s, etc.) is not exactly a great job. Some of those people are working at the very limits of their capabilities.

    That said, Mock: once at a buffet restaurant a little old lady stabbed me in the hand with a fork so she could get the piece of steak she wanted. I love little old people – but you have to watch them!

  • Dani

    Haha!! What a perfect comeback!! I too have a soft spot for the elderly, (especialy this one couple that had to be in their 70’s that took a walk while holding hands every afternoon in my neighborhood when in lived in Florida) but the crotchety ones can ruin your day in a hurry!

  • Ricci

    I love this story!!

  • Mizz M

    I live in the land of old people. Years ago when I worked in downtown Phoenix, I had to get up and on the road at the crack of way too early. Freeways were clogged with everyone trying to get to work plus one old couple in their huge boat of a car going 5 miles under the speed limit when everyone else is going 10-15 miles over. Why? They have the time to get on the freeway after rush hour. Why? Same with line cutting. I do not understand that about old people, and I would not have had the nice sense of humor about it that Mr. Mock did. Someone tries to cut in front of me, I speak up immediately!!!