Freaky Mock And Daisy Brainsharing

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but Daisy and I share a brain. I know there are lots of best friends out there who finish each other’s sentences and have a lot in common and stuff, but what I’m telling you is that we ACTUALLY SHARE A BRAIN. I know this, because sometimes we will think the exact same stuff at the exact same time and it will be the most random off-the-wall stuff ever. But we will SIMULTANEOUSLY THINK IT.

Today’s IM conversation was a perfect example. There we were, having a chat about Victoria Beckham and goats, and all of a sudden we thought of the exact same movie scene in the exact same movie at the exact same time, and then proceeded to freak out about the brainsharing. Let me set this up for you:

Daisy (12/30/2010 10:57:05 AM): We need to become ridiculously rich, and then I will build a fence on my property and then we’ll get matching fainting goats. They’ll be COTR mascots.
Mock (12/30/2010 10:57:15 AM): Oooo – and we can dye them pink
Daisy (12/30/2010 10:57:19 AM): TOTALLY
Mock (12/30/2010 10:57:23 AM): pink fainting COTR goats
Daisy (12/30/2010 10:57:25 AM): and name them after famous conservatives. Or, I’ll just name mine Jackie O, who was a Democrat, but she gets a get out of jail free card.
Mock (12/30/2010 10:57:44 AM): I can’t think of a better plan
Daisy (12/30/2010 10:57:54 AM): it shall be done.
Mock (12/30/2010 10:57:55 AM): Jackie O and Victoria B
Daisy (12/30/2010 10:57:58 AM): OMG YES. It is decidedly so.
Mock (12/30/2010 10:58:06 AM): YAY
Daisy (12/30/2010 10:58:20 AM): and if we’re dying them pink, I want mine to have little black feet with red soles, too. You know.
Mock (12/30/2010 10:58:25 AM): HA HA HA! YES
Daisy (12/30/2010 10:58:29 AM): ok. It’s a plan. let’s hurry up and make it happen. I wonder what Vicky B is doing right now.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:08:56 AM): Vicky B is totally getting a manicure. I FEEL it.
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:09:10 AM): She is. OMG. That is EXACTLY what I was thinking.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:09:14 AM): And she’s in bed. She has a manicurist who just comes and does her nails in bed.
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:09:25 AM): And I bet that two people are working on her hands. not one, but two. One for each hand. Because that’s how she rolls.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:09:27 AM): She’s probably not even awake yet, but people are busying themselves with her nails
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:09:43 AM): I wish people were busying themselves with my nails. And I’d like some mac and cheese fed to me, too.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:10:02 AM): me too. Only I’d like benihana’s rice instead of mac and cheese
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:10:20 AM): this is why we should be loaded.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:10:26 AM): we are so obviously meant to be rich
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:10:46 AM): we should be rich. I had a psychic tell me once that I was a Baroness in another life, I spoke 8 languages, and I liked to “party with the help”. Sounds about right.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:11:13 AM): that is SO YOU
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:11:16 AM): i know, right?

Ok. So this is where the brainsharing occurred. In the next moment, at precisely the same time, we typed this:

Mock (12/30/2010 11:11:31 AM): remember the movie Overboard with Goldie Hawn?
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:11:31 AM): I totally had a flash of Goldie Hawn in “Overboard” drinking with the boat crew just now.

DO YOU SEE THAT WE WROTE THAT AT THE EXACT SAME MOMENT? 11.11.31 AM, you guys. Simply because Daisy mentioned “partying with the help,” we both instantly thought of the same scene from the same movie. A movie, by the way, which is DECADES old and totally random.

After that, we just had our usual brainsharing freakout:

Mock (12/30/2010 11:11:35 AM): OMG OMG OMG OMG
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:11:36 AM): STOP IT. STOP STOP STOP
Mock: (12/30/2010 11.11.38 AM): HA HA HA HA HA HA!
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:11:44 AM): jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesus
Mock (12/30/2010 11:11:49 AM): that seriously could be the weirdest one ever
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:11:50 AM): brain share.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:11:50 AM): WOW
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:11:52 AM): i know.
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:11:58 AM): it was like within the same MILLISECOND. God.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:12:00 AM): I AM DYING with laughter over here.
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:12:03 AM): me too. We totally share a brain. It’s official.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:12:16 AM): holy holy holy crap
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:12:21 AM): and officially frightening.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:12:22 AM): that was so totally random
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:12:24 AM): yeah.
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:12:28 AM): Dennis Miller random.
Mock (12/30/2010 11:12:29 AM): I mean, that movie is like HUNDREDS OF YEARS OLD
Daisy (12/30/2010 11:12:32 AM): I KNOW

That kind of stuff happens to us all the time, but that one was probably the most random one ever.


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  • Cheryl

    But you have to admit Overboard was funny at the time it came out.

  • Mockarena

    OMG – it’s one of my most favorite movies. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Overboard. 🙂

  • Buckeye Bob

    The best scene was Goldie’s ass. A fine specimen it was.

  • Janice

    I heard they are remaking Overboard……come on, it was a decent movie at the time, but worthy of a remake???

    And leave Arthur alone already!!!! Russel Brand is NO Dudley Moore!

  • burning eyeballs

    Reminds me of another movie…”Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion”. 🙂