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I love compilation fail videos. Enjoy. 🙂


Sorry I haven’t been very posty today, you guys. But I spent the majority of the day with Daisy and our friend Agent J, shopping for Agent J’s wedding dress. SO GIRLY and SO FUN. And better yet – I think we found the perfect dress. IN ONE DAY.

ANYWAY, there isn’t much out on the internets to mock today, but Buckeye Bob did send me something way cool that is a MUST SHARE. Check out this Italian dam:

This is where it gets good.  You see those little specks on the dam?  Here’s a slightly closer look:

If you still can’t make them out, then look at this:

Those are some batcrap crazy goats right there, you guys.  And I love them.   I love these dam-scaling goats.  Please add them to my ever-growing Christmas list.  But keep them on the B-list, as I don’t personally own a dam, and I’m worried they might get bored at my house.


It’s self-explanatory through the videos. I love this SO MUCH:


I TOTALLY would have let him come. I love people from Australia, first of all, but I love random connection stories like this. It just makes you know how truly small the world can be when you let it. YAY FOR THE TRAN FAMILY!


Holy Mother Of Meat

Just watch the entire thing. You won’t believe it.

WARNING: If you’re a vegetarian, look away.

Disclaimer: I Am Not Saying I Agree With This…

…I just found it completely hilarious. 🙂

For The Man Who Has Everything…

…the belted sweater collection.

I’m thinking of getting at least 4 for Mr. Mock.   I’m especially partial to the burnt orange one with the matching hat.

He is going to be FLY.

Speaking of fly, we are at the ATL airport right now waiting to catch our flight home to Indy.  It’s a bummer that our trip is over, but I’m looking forward to being home, sleeping in our own bed, and seeing Junior.  Plus, it’s going to be nice to have a whole weekend to chill before heading back to work.

Question.  Who among you count yourselves as one of the crazy people who get up at like 3am to go shopping today?  I have never in the history of my entire life shopped on Black Friday, and I’m at a loss as to why people do this.  Unless you can get something at like 95% off, I just don’t see how it’s worth it.  And even then.

Explain yourselves. 🙂

Look Who We Didn’t Run Into At Disney

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones are apparently at Disney.  And so is Snooki, according to Junior Mock’s caregiver and best friend J.  We didn’t see her either, and frankly, I’m relieved.  I think Mini-Mock may have easily mistaken her for some sort of freakish cartoon character and wanted a photo with her.

‘Tis Now The Season…

I don’t know about you all, but I am especially thankful for Buckeye Bob today. He’s been probably the longest-time, most loyal mockdocker ever, and this place wouldn’t be the same without him. I’ve never met Buckeye Bob, and even though part of me wants to, there’s also part of me that wants to keep the Buckeye Bob mystique alive forever.

And now, courtesy of BB, I give you this hilariously drunk Santa, to help us all start the season in a truly mocktastic way:

Thanksgiving Morning’s Mini-Mockism

My most favorite thing about this trip has been crawling into Mini-Mock’s bed in the morning when I know he’s awake but not ready to get out of bed, and having him relive some of the memories he has from Disney.  This morning, he told me about seeing the skeleton trying to get out of the coffin in the Haunted Mansion, and then talked about riding in the Indy cars with Daddy.  I asked him if he wanted to come into The Big Bed where Mommy and Daddy sleep, and so he bounded into our room, jumped into bed next to Mr. Mock, and then we all snuggled together for a bit.  Best way to start a Thanksgiving EVER.

And then, Mini-Mock said, “Hey Daddy?  Do you remember when you were a teeny tiny baby when you were two years old?”

And Mr. Mock said, “Yeah buddy.”

And Mini-Mock said, “You were really boring.”

Happy Thanksgiving, Mockdockers! 🙂

Attention Townspeople: This Dude Is A Huge Loser.

According to this, Ryan McNames, pictured above, called the police to report that he got totally gypped out of $60 that he paid to two prostitutes.

That’s like calling the cops for getting bad drugs from a drug dealer.  DUMB.

Anyway, the 19 year old paid $60 to two hookers to provide very specific services.  One of them was to show him her boobular area while the other one performed an act of a sexual nature on his weewee.  The first one did what she was supposed to do, but the the other one grabbed the $60, and then both hookers fled.  That’s when Ryan reported that he was a larceny victim.  And the best part?  He asked the police to find the 2nd hooker so he could get his $40 back.  Apparently he was fine about parting with the $20 since he got to see boobies.

Ryan was then arrested for patronizing prostitutes, and posted bail of $500.  He totally wins the Mock Dock Award For Excellence, which I just now created and which involves no Actual Prize.

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