Is this dude gay or just really really really committed to his cheerleading performance?

Either way, I love him.

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  • Nancy


  • Buckeye Bob

    Let me check.

  • Tish

    Nancy, BB, you’re both right.

  • Pict13

    He’s super committed. If gay boys took over cheerleading squads, the fierceness would be off the charts!

  • sunnyAZspawn

    This is as close as he will EVER get to hangin with hot girls!

  • Punky

    Reminds me of the Saturday Night Live sketches with Will Ferrell as a Spartan cheerleader!

  • Laylabean

    I love him too! That’s awesome.

  • mikey

    I bet he has a Robbie Williams lunch box.

  • DirectorEvil

    Good one, Mikey.

  • Buckeye Bob

    Robbie Williams Lunch Box! Ha, Ha. He must have sold two of them. One to this guy and one somewhere in Indianapolis.

  • Beezus

    Flaming. Blazing. Screaming… gay. He’s got more enthusiasm than any of his squad mates. I’d like to see him truffle shuffle. Seems like he’d get fancy with it, throw in some cartwheels and herky jumps.

  • el pato

    beezus, what’s a ‘truffle shuffle’?

    (o.k, i’m old!! i don’t know these things!!)

  • Anonymous

    oh yeah, and mikey and bbob?
    you are responsible for the spit take on my screen!!
    love you guys!!

  • Susie

    yup…he is a flamingly Gaylicious!

  • Beezus

    el pato- It’s from ‘The Goonies’. The tubby kid would flap his gut rolls to amuse the other children.

  • el pato

    oh, i see. that’s just sad. ha!

  • anonymous

    oh yeah…he’s one of the gals!!! and Pict13, i totally agree.